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Top 6 Packaging Trends In 2023

Advanced technology and innovation in the packaging industry have revolutionized the way products are packaged, with incredible creativity as well as eye-catching colors topping the packaging trends in 2023.

It is no longer just about covering the product for transport to the market, but packaging has gone a notch higher and today, it is all about sending a bold marketing message to your customers, incorporating design in such a way that it can capture attention and appeal to the buyers.

Here are the top packaging trends in 2023:

1- Simple Design Is the Best

Most consumers are of the notion that the best products are the most simplistic. Thus, if packaging looks too complicated, if it is stuffed with colors, details and so on, the assumption is that the product inside is not worth having. This trend is also creeping into online stores.

The best brands have the most simplistic design. For example, Facebook uses white and blue colors only. When it comes to packaging, people want to look at your product and know what it is all about. Simplicity is then followed by big words. For example, if it is a coffee product, the word coffee must be written in big letters.

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2- More And More Use of Flexible Packaging

The advent of flexible packaging has revolutionized the packaging industry by cutting the overall cost of packaging, requiring less space for storage and transportation and protecting the products from breakage and damages. Use of short run flexible packaging in the food industry is most common and effective. Say for example, for frozen foods, flexible packages is most secured as the quality of the product is retained over time in a flexible package. Businesses can choose attractive and colorful frozen food packaging design to make their products more appealing to the customers and have competitive advantages over other companies.

3- Eye-Catching Colors

Eye-catching colors are a very popular packaging trend of 2018. Many brands want their consumers to be able to distinguish their products from their competition easily. They are mostly doing this by packaging their products in very bold colors such as neon greens, yellow or other shiny colors. You must have noticed this when you walk between rows in the supermarket.

The brands do this for their products that are both in physical stores and even in the e-stores. In order for a brand to keep up with the trend, they must also be able to closely follow the changing color trends so that they can know on where to make an improvement if need be. The colors used on packaging have been proven to greatly influence whether a client buys a product or not.

4- Moderate Packaging

Research shows that most consumers mistrust brands that put excess information on their products packaging and trust those that put minimal or basic information only. Thus, to gain more trust from the consumers, many brands are now using moderate or minimalistic packaging. This means that they are putting only the most basic information on the package rather than stuffing the package with excess details.


Consumers tend to be more suspicious of products especially the foodstuffs whose packaging suffocates the eyes with so many details. This however does not mean that you should not include the relevant information on your products. Ingredients, shelf life and your brand message are some of the details that should not miss on packaging.

5- Innovative And Artistic Packaging

The use of innovative art and modern designs is really setting a new pace on product packaging. Different brands have creatively designed logos and texts on their products, which give them a modern and unique look. Most brands are doing this to draw a lot of attention to their goods from consumers. Just as it is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, even on a product, it is hard to forget a picture that you see every day in the stores.

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6- Throwback Or Vintage Packaging

Although modern packaging that uses innovative bold colors is among 2018 top packaging trends, a good number of consumers love products that use vintage or throwback styles on their products. Vintage packaging has slowly been able to win over many consumers who do not love fussy or stuffed packaging. In addition, vintage is associated with good quality, long standing tradition and passion. While vintage packaging is mostly used in wine, spirits and other industries, no one says you cannot use it on other products.

Trends keep on changing, and a business should update their packaging accordingly because effective packaging is a powerful marketing tool and can accelerate business growth.  I am sure, the above list will give you a fair idea of what type of packaging you should go with in 2018 and beyond.

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