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Top 7 Best Software Programs Your Business Should Have

It’s important to do research to find the best software programs for your business. Keep reading to learn which ones will help your business run smoothly.

Top 7 Best Software Programs Your Business Should Have

Do you own a coffee shop? Do you build and sell handmade tables? Do you bathe other people’s dogs for a living? If so, you might just be a business owner.

And as you may already know, there’s a lot more to running a successful small business than making coffee, sanding tables, or taking Fido for a walk. There are clients meet with, appointments to schedule, expenses to track, taxes to pay, emails to send, and much more.

All of these basic business functions require software that will make your life easier. And not just any software, but the best software programs specifically crafted for small business owners like yourself.

Wondering what business software you should be using if you want your business to grow without selling your soul? Keep reading to learn about the best business tools to invest in this year.

1. Slack

Business management starts with communication. No longer do you need to save dozens and dozens of employee phone numbers in your cellphone and text them throughout the day.

Slack has changed the way that teams communicate with one another. Slack essentially gives businesses the ability to send a message to any other teammate, tracking conversations in a more professional manner. You can also set up different channels, which are basically chatrooms.

This way, you can have a channel for your marketing team to all communicate with one another, and another channel for your sales team, and so forth. For internal team members, it’s much more effective than email, as you can take care of business instantly rather than waiting for someone to check their inbox.

2. Zoom

As we all know, video conferences have become the norm, replacing the all-to-familiar in-person meetings. Many people aren’t complaining, however, as software like Zoom allows many people to continue working remotely post-pandemic.

Zoom is video conferencing software, allowing multiple people to speak with one another, either with or without a video feed. This way, it still feels like you are together, as you can see each other’s facial expressions. It makes for more effective conversations, as phone calls simply don’t cut it.

You can use Zoom online, download the software to your computer, or even join a Zoom call on your phone if you happen to be on the go. It’s flexible and easy to use, making it standard for modern business.

3. Bamboo HR

Do you have employees clocking in for their shifts? Software that logs clocking in and clocking out times makes your job much, much easier when it comes time to do payroll.

You’ll instantly know exactly how many hours each team member has worked. You can even track paid breaks as well.

The software allows employees to set scheduling preferences as well, preventing you from accidentally scheduling them on days when they can’t work.

They can also submit vacation requests through the Bamboo app on their phone so that you are always aware of what is going on with employee schedules.

The software comes loaded with many other HR and employee management tools, making it a great tool for businesses working with hourly employees.

4. PracticePro 365

There are a lot of moving pieces in any business. Take an accounting firm, for example. You have customers coming in, people scheduling appointments, supplies to order, expenses to track, payroll to process, and much more.

In the past, you would have had to purchase different software programs to handle each one of these business functions. But today, there are software programs that can do some serious multitasking for you.

With the right software, you can manage many of these essential functions all from one, centralized dashboard. This keeps things organized and accessible to everyone on your team.

When choosing a CPA practice management software, find a solution that can handle as much of your business’s day-to-day operations in one place.

5. Quickbooks

Looking for a standalone bookkeeping software that’s easy to use? Quickbooks is a business owner’s favorite as anyone can learn how to use it to track expenses and balance the books.

Most small businesses can keep up to take expenses and records in only a few minutes per day or a couple of hours per week. So if you don’t yet have money to pay a full-time bookkeeper, this affordable software will make the process of logging expenses much easier for you.

6. Spotify

If you have a physical space where customers enter, whether it’s a coffee shop, a dental office, or a store, having music playing is important. It makes it so that it doesn’t feel awkward inside, encouraging customers to spend money and enjoy their time.

The right music played at the right times, such as the busy periods of the day, can also boost sales. And your employees will thank you for having a music platform that can be customized and controlled, rather than having to rely on the radio all day, every day. If you are looking for a Spotify promotion platform to gain more Spotify followers, listeners, plays, and more engagement, SoundCampaign is the best choice for you.

7. Asana

Keeping ideas and projects organized is the key to making progress on big business goals. Asana is project management software that allows individuals and teams to work together to break big projects into smaller tasks, and organize tasks into easy to manage lists.

And the best part is, you can use Asana any way that you want to. It can be customized to suit your needs or the needs of your business.

It can be used to create effective to-do lists. You can use it to create weekly sprints, moving tasks from one status to the next until it’s completed.

Or you can use Asana to take a big project, such as launching a new product, and breaking it down into individual tasks, delegating them to different team members, and tracking progress across the board.

It’s a powerful and versatile tool that your team will love using.

The Best Software Programs Make Your Life Easier

There are many different types of software programs you can add to your arsenal. But to be honest, lots of them will just be clutter on your computer.

Simplify your approach to business by choosing the best software programs, using only a few key tools to effectively run your business. Your bottom line will thank you. Looking for more tips like this?


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