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Top 7 Small Business Ideas for Stay-at-home Parents to Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom is every person’s dream, especially when they have family members to take care of. Most people I know are trying to break free from the chains of corporate slavery. Work environments have evolved a lot. Job security has hit an all-time low.

In fact, it has remained more uncertain than the modern economy has ever seen it. And with economies slipping in and out of recession, there is no guarantee that any current office job will last for life.

Nowadays, more and more men and women are making their way into the business world in a bid to achieve financial independence. It helps to imbibe a great saving culture, but even that isn’t very helpful when the prices of basic necessities are constantly hitting the roof. It’s even worse when you have debts to offset.

Even when you get a debt review, you’ll still need a steady stream of income to help you take care of your basic necessities, while you’re still working towards achieving true financial freedom.

Experts have shown that the foremost requirements for succeeding at achieving financial independence involve the following values:

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  • Financial planning
  • Smart goal-setting
  • Excellent money-managing skills

Thanks to the internet, there is a plethora of business opportunities for work-at-home parents.  If you are still trying to decide on the best, most flexible online business or entrepreneurship option, then the list below will help you a great deal.

There are myriads of work-from-home ideas, but the following are the top seven on my list. The ideas listed below will allow you choose your work hours, work schedule, work processes and routines. I hope you find them helpful.

Top 7 amazing strategies for stay-at-home parents to attain financial freedom

1- A Catering Business

Many people are excellent chefs. The only problem is that they have limited themselves to preparing food and drinks for only family and friends. If relatives and friends of relatives are often inviting you to cook one meal or the other, perhaps it is time to monetize your cooking.

Set up a catering business you can conveniently run from home. Bake cakes, pies and other snacks during church functions and distribute cards to everyone you meet, and the orders will start rolling in. If you live in a fast-paced city, then you can consider delivering food packs and snacks and drinks to offices.

When caterers serve amazing meals, word spreads fast. Food is a daily necessity and most people will pay anything fro a decent home-cooked meal. Listen to your clients and find out what they prefer. Go out of your way to prepare unique meals.

Don’t be afraid to try out new recipes. With time your business will grow beyond your wildest imaginations. If you have a flair for making fruit juices, yogurts, smoothies and wines, you can add those to your menu. If anything, you are more likely to make a lot more money.

2- Blog Your Way to Freedom

If you have a great conversational voice and a lot of interesting news stories and ideas, then you should share them on a blog. Blogs fall into two major categories:

  • Paper blogs
  • Video blogs

Business researchers have shown that some bloggers make millions of dollars annually. The trick is to find a niche you’re passionate about and consistently post helpful content on your page.

When people like your material, they are likely to subscribe to your channel so that they can receive notifications from you. Advertisers prefer to invest in blogs that have a lot of subscribers. This shows them that a large audience will see their products.

Most stay-at-home parents blog about their everyday lives. From health hacks to potty training tips, nothing is off-limits. People are constantly seeking for information on the internet and the more great content you publish, the higher your chances of receiving many visitors and subscribers.

3- Freelance Writing is the New Money-maker

The good thing about freelance writing is the flexibility it allows. You can choose to write part-time or full-time for magazines, news sites, blogs, corporate organizations etc.

There are millions of writing jobs online and offline, and companies are willing to pay professional writers for their services. The more experienced you are, the higher your chances of earning more. It is easy if you know the basics of how to become a freelance writer.

You can run your own freelance writing company or you can register with job sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Outsourcedly, Talent Hubstaff and so on. These job sites link employers with freelancers. And you only pay a small percentage of your earnings to the job site.

Every writer can find something that’s perfect for them. Food writers can write for cooking magazines. Globetrotters can earn money from writing about their travel experiences. If you’re nerdy, you can venture into technology writing or academic writing.

I like creative writing and am often excited to find jobs that require different kinds of storytelling. In all honesty, writing has become a viable career choice for women of all class, race, age and economic standing.

4- Being Fashionistas and Beauty Enthusiast

One fantastic thing about the fashion and beauty industry is that it allows entrepreneurs a lot of flexibility and the minimal capital required to start up the business.

Most hairstylists start styling hair from their homes. They do their makeovers in their houses. They use their social media pages to advertise their products, and when the orders come in, they deliver the products via courier or other means. Fashion designers make their clothes at home and then display their latest masterpieces on their social media pages. The internet has revolutionized the business world.

Don’t hesitate to start your small fashion or makeup artist business today. Work with the little you have. Set up a small fashion blog or vlog, if you have the means. That way, you diversify your moneymaking avenues, plus you can advertise your goods and services.

5- A Chain of Cleaning Services

Many nine-to-fivers simply do not have sufficient time on their hands to manage their office jobs and home at the same time. They often have to book with cleaning services owners to handle home cleaning for them. So if you are crazy about cleaning homes and offices, perhaps it’s time to set up a small home office and hire a manageable number of staff to work for you.

If you can’t afford to hire staff, there is nothing wrong with starting small. If you have enough time on your hands, you could take on a few clients and start cleaning for them. As you go along, you could save enough money to help you hire extra hands.

Put your passion for cleaning to good use. Who knows?  You could earn your way out of financial dependence.

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6- A Florist Business

If you love flowers so much that you know them by their English and botanical names, by their fragrances and perfumes, by their colours and purposes, then perhaps it’s time to start that flower business you have been dreaming of.

You can either choose to grow your flowers organically or order them from wholesale shops. Don’t limit yourself you popular flowers like roses, lilies, lavenders, jasmines etc. Grow less known plants in your gardens. Don’t be afraid to make bouquets with less known flowers that interest you.

Get creative by making a terrarium, and watching your plants grow and blossom. When you have rare species of flowers, most people will patronize your business. You’ll never know what your clients will love, until you try.

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7- Offer Home Tutoring Services

Most parents are so busy, they have to find home tutors to help supervise their children’s homework and to tutor them in subjects where they are experiencing difficulties. And when standardized tests are underway, tutors are hired to help guide the students through their studies.

This shows that teaching services are in high-demand. You can choose to teach your students in your home. Or you can go to the students’ homes. Specify the number of hours you’d like to dedicate to teaching each week and the number of children you can afford to teach. Be careful not to bite more than you can chew. Some children are a handful and require more attention than others require.

Set your fees based on the amount of work and hours required. If you have to commute to the student’s home, then you should charge the parents extra for transportation.

Teaching is a unique vocation, though. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. But if you’re passionate enough, you can earn a lot from it while increasing your knowledge base.

Financial freedom is quite easy to achieve. All you need is passion, perseverance and the right knowledge. The sky is your limit.

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About the Author

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam is a freelance writer, novelist and mother of two. When she isn’t writing or playing super-mom, she blogs. She owns and manages Creative Writing News where she discusses all things writing.

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