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Top eSignature Use Cases for Businesses

Running a modern business, regardless of its scale, involves performing a variety of operations in sales, procurement, supply, financial management, marketing, the conclusion of legal agreements, and many others.

Top eSignature Use Cases for Businesses

During each working day, you need to sign a lot of documents. You often have to move not only around the city, but also around the country, and sometimes beyond its borders. This takes up a lot of time that could be spent more efficiently. The solution to the problem is an electronic signature.

Electronic signature technology not only saves time, but also improves the quality of customer service in cases where their signatures are required when concluding business agreements, and reduces risks.

An electronic signature as a tool for working remotely

The use of electronic signatures has become particularly relevant at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has gripped the world and businesses have had to adapt to working from home. The rapid growth of the remote work sector has increased the requirements for technologies that provide communication capabilities, as well as options for creating an electronic signature.

As practice has shown, remote work has not only disadvantages but also benefits. After all, it allows you to attract talented specialists to cooperate, regardless of their location. You can read about the features of remote work, including document management, in the article:

Modern business and digital signature

Digital technologies are a necessary component of doing business, regardless of the stage of its development:

1. Startup

The useful information about how digital innovation can help you build a successful business, even in today’s challenging times, can be found here.

In particular, the article notes that it is important to invest in software that allows the use of electronic signatures. This solution helps you exchange documents and contracts without leaving your office or your own apartment. However, these are not all the advantages of the software.

These programs cause the automation of the entire process. They eliminate the need to print out documents, deliver them to partners or customers, scan signed contracts, return them, etc.

The transition to a digital signature will free up resources for solving more important tasks at the stage of building a business.

2. Small and medium-sized businesses

The use of electronic signatures at relatively small enterprises contributes to:

  • Simplification and acceleration of signing sales contracts.
  • Automation of sales processes.
  • Quick conclusion of agreements with suppliers or buyers.
  • Creating new forms of working with clients.
  • The ability to quickly approve the necessary projects (for architects, designers, etc.).
  • Speeding up the process of registration of new employees.
  • The possibility of entering into legal agreements, including licensing of intellectual property.

3. Big business

All of the above applies to large businesses. In addition, it is especially important for this area to use software that allows you to analyze contracts and manage their lifecycle.

After all, almost every department of such a business deals with contracts. The contract tools that are necessary for modern business are considered on the following page

Thus, digital technologies are an integral part of modern business processes. The article on performance management through process optimization indicates that the introduction of digital technologies increases the company’s productivity by 10 … 20% by reducing the time spent working with paper media.

They also improve the quality of customer service and increase the security of business transactions. It remains only to select the appropriate software. To date, the best is e document signing solution.

They include Fluix, which is a mobile tool that allows you to effectively manage the workflow of business documentation. It is widely used by both large companies and representatives of medium and small businesses.

Advantages of using Fluix:

  • No costs for paper and printed materials. The ability to store documents in the company’s repository or Fluix cloud storage.
  • The tool is easy to use and allows you to sign documents directly from your iPad.
  • Versatility. The signature can be made on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, in any browser.
  • Flexibility. If inaccuracies are found, you can quickly make changes to the document or allow partners to make them before signing the contract.
  • Reduce travel and mail costs, which are essential when signing paper versions.
  • No need to scan and copy signed contracts. All signed documents are automatically forwarded to the sender via email or uploaded to the repository.
  • Ability to monitor documents awaiting signature to speed up work.
  • Fluix’s digital signature ensures the security of the document. After signing the document, the opportunity to make changes to it is automatically blocked. It is not possible to copy the electronic signature for use in another document.
  • Automation of all stages of the process (creating digital forms and editing them, sending a package of documents to all recipients, returning signed copies, and tracking the status of documents at a particular stage) provides significant time savings.

Thus, Fluix and similar tools are the best options for replacing paper forms of business documentation in all kinds of business processes. The use of such software will increase the productivity of the enterprise, avoid potential delays in the implementation of any project.

Even today, this solution is chosen by the world’s leading companies (Centuri, SAS Airlines, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Comfort Systems USA, etc.).


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