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Top Rated Webinar Software Recommended by the Pros

All companies, from small businesses to large conglomerates, are increasingly hosting webinars. The number of webinars will depend on the industry in which the business is involved.

First and foremost, you should decide whether your company needs webinar software. Once you do, you will have to make a choice among the many webinar software that exists today. There are many factors affecting the quality of webinar software, including security, range of features, pricing, and ease of use, among others. Choosing software to use is not easy; hence we should rely on the pros for help. The following is a list of the top webinar software recommended by experts:



Livestorm is one of the most popular webinar software in the world today. One of the main reasons is its interface, which is extremely easy to use. Anyone, even without experience, can use it to create and manage a webinar. The software also has excellent communication features. The software’s landing page is beautiful and one of the reasons why it is so attractive. You may start with the free plan from Livestorm to learn how to use the software. Once you do, you can select a plan from Livestorm, which is very clear and affordably priced. Livestorm software also has excellent customization capabilities.


Everwebinar is another excellent webinar software that requires at least a year of commitment to use. You can pay for the software in three installments, yearly or biannually. The software has great tracking capabilities for data the webinar generates. You can see attendance, purchases, and so much more. The software makes it very easy to create a webinar from start to finish. It also has an incredibly advanced scheduling feature that allows you to plan webinars down to the minute. The lack of a free trial and the high price are the drawbacks to using Everwebinar.


WebinarJam is one of the most respected names in the webinar software industry. It is consistently ranked as one of the best webinar software by pros. You don’t have to take my word for it. In an article where Eco Secretariat weighs in on WebinarJam, you can see a great review for the software. They go into much more detail than I can here. The software is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It is currently being used by over 50,000 people spread out across 40 industries.

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ClickMeeting is an incredibly high-powered webinar software with many amazing capabilities. Moreover, it is very affordably priced for software with such a range of features. The flexibility of the pricing makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to use the software. ClickMeeting is a software that works excellently when you have a webinar with many participants. The features of the software are what allow it to be so. The software also has a very attractive user interface, which many attendees’ praise. ClickMeeting is very adaptable, which means you can use it for whatever type of webinar possible.


GoToWebinar is one of the most popular webinar software on the planet and justly so. For one, its branding is very flexible, especially when compared to other software on this list. The software is very easy to use, and you don’t need much training to create and host a webinar. It is also very versatile, and you can use it across a wide variety of devices wherever you are in the world. GoToWebinar has amazing features, especially its analytic and marketing tools. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best in the industry.

The software allows for a great deal of interaction between the host and attendees as well as among the attendees themselves. They can have live chats, and they can raise their virtual hands to grab the host’s attention. The one drawback to GoToWebinar is that it may be too high priced for some.



Demio is one of the few cloud-based webinar software and is one of the best webinar software on the market. It has an outstandingly attractive user interface that keeps attracting users. A hallmark of the software is that it is very interactive, which means a lot of attendee engagement. Moreover, it includes analytics to help measure attendance and the engagement of those attendees. The software is very easy to use, and there is no need to download anything. Attendees can simply click a link to join a webinar.

The webinars are automatically recorded in HD and are saved to cloud storage. It is also incredibly simple to customize your own pages and share files with the software. The above is a list of the best webinar software available on the market today. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to choose one that accomplishes your goals. You should consider as many factors as possible when choosing software. The pros know much, but not everything.


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