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Top Tips for Organizing a Successful and Safe Funfair 

A funfair is supposed to bring people together in the spirit of community and enjoyment. People will visit the fair because they want to participate in the various rides; some will want to try out their luck in the different game booths; some will want to try out the food; others will try to soak in the ambiance. A successful funfair will pique people’s interests of all ages as it seeks to bring families and the neighborhood closer.

If you’re thinking of organizing and putting up a successful funfair, you will have to factor in the overall safety of the event. You will not only offer clients thrilling amusement rides, but you need to find yourselves a reputable company offering funfair stall for hire, among other things. They have experience in laying out the venue and providing other necessary attractions that will help you draw crowds to your event.

Here are several things for your consideration whenever you plan a funfair.

Risk Assessment

While you may want to take the company’s word that they have safety-assessed equipment, it still pays to do due diligence. You will need to request to see not only their safety certifications, but you will want to oversee their installation and schedule periodic check-ups and maintenance when they’re operational. So not only will you cover all bases, but you’ll continue to ensure everyone’s safety.


The primary consideration will be your location. You may need to scour the community for a relatively flat level area that will also be as accessible as possible to your clientele. You will have to work out a deal with the local council to secure the use of the area for the duration of your funfair. You will also need to allocate parking spaces and take care of the security detail. Remember, you’re providing a fun opportunity, but

you wouldn’t want your customers to remember the event because someone broke into their vehicles.

Choose Your Dates Wisely

While you don’t have a say on the weather, you will need to choose dates that will help you maximize exposure and profit. For example, you will want to schedule the funfair on long weekends or during holidays because people will tend to spend more time with their families on such occasions.


You will need to market the event properly. There are several traditional and non-traditional ways to drum up interest in your funfair. Hang posters and streamers in conspicuous places.

Ask the local churches to announce the dates of the funfair after services or have the radio station come up with ads to help people keep track of the funfair’s opening.

You can also use social media resources to make people aware of the event. Create ads or messages and invite people to like your page for the event. You can also drum up interest through contests and challenges that will allow lucky participants free entrance or give away other premium items.


Planning a successful and safe funfair takes a lot of time. It may be challenging, but there are several factors that you need to consider before opening the fair to your target clients.


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