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Nurture Giving with Toucan App

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”

Nurture Giving with Toucan App

This ancient quote, spoken by the Greek philosopher and thinker, Aristotle, is proof that giving back and serving others has been a revolving concept for centuries.

With the increasing number of people losing their job, homes, and have nothing to eat, giving has never been so important these days. The depressing effect of the pandemic and brutally slashing of funding for social services make volunteering a significant act to embrace.

Why Giving

Sharing our blessings with others may always be in our hearts, but in this fast-paced world,  identifying and reaching out to those who need it the most can be challenging and time-consuming. No wonder why others forget to plan and include in their daily routine the task to reach out to foundations and charities. 

But with Toucan, you can already help to make the world a better place in the most convenient way possible. Its mission is to make giving fun, flexible and accessible for all.

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With their app, you can discover charities that reflect your values and makes it easier for you to donate to the causes you care about most. 

App Features

You can find over 20, 000 UK charities, big and small, and select up to three charities every month. With its added feature, you can find the closest charities to your heart by using the filters by size, causes, and values. You can also automatically select your chosen charities by their names.


They also feature shortlisted charities bundled together according to your preferences for you to get started quickly in supporting the campaigns you care about most. Toucan also verifies and updates the featured charities and groups every now and then so you can be confident about their legitimacy. 

toucan feature

Giving is cool, but making sure we reach those who need it the most is better.

Toucan also gives you a chance to reach out to other charities by updating them every month and split your donation among them.

Over the years, Toucan has already created a community of givers and helped raised £800k, and were 60% of oversubscribed members. By sharing the advocacy of each foundation, Toucan also serves as a bridge to people and charities to share their blessings with one another, nurturing the attitude of giving as second nature.

Since this act involves financial records, Toucan already provides in its app a tracker for all the donations you give via the impact tab. Review the causes and charities you help every month and the amount you set for each. This tracker is also helpful in setting your annual giving goals. 

Giving Beyond Donations

Aside from monetary donations, you can extend giving by sharing your giving on social media sites and highlight the causes you care about to the wider world. Help more charities and introduce their advocacies by inviting them to check Toucan and start giving as well.

Toucan aims to empower people who believe that generosity matters and believe that their actions, no matter the size, are a force for good. If you are one of these people, Toucan is the best app for you.


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