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Track Your Dog’s Position and Health with Tracy

Pets normally run away from acute boredom or loneliness, to answer sexual urges, in response to sudden and unexpected events or just out of curiosity to explore the surroundings.

Ideally, there should be something that tracks your dog all the time over GPS, so just in case if he’s lost, you can recover him sooner. Well, that’s what Tracy brings to you. It’s not just a position tracker for your dog, but also keeps a track of his health.

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It’s 40x37x14mm and weighs 25 grams only, so it’s equally comfortable for all dogs. The device comes with the longest lasting battery which can work up to 6 months on a single charge.

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The setup is as easy as one two three, Plug in your base station into your home, attach the Tracy Tracker to your dog’s collar and start tracking your dog’s position, health and every move in the Tracy app. If your dog runs too far you’ll be alarmed.

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Tracy in Their Own Words:

Tracy is a smart tracking device for dogs, not only does it track your dog’s position bout it also tracks the dog’s health. It is light weight, waterproof and durable and comes with longest lasting battery, i.e. upto 6 months on a single charge.

What Brings Tracy to the Spotlight:

Tracy is the tracker for people carrying about their furry friends – Tracking both position and health.

Tracy Website:

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