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What Trade Jobs Are In The Highest Demand?

The skilled labor market in Australia covers a range of trade jobs, many of which are included on the Skilled Occupation Shortage List. If you want to find yourself with a rewarding occupation then there are many different trade jobs in Australia for those already there, but for those who aren’t, they can get a PR visa invitation and migrate to the country.

You probably stand a better chance of landing such a job if you find one that is most in demand and that you already possess the right skills and qualifications. Visit us at Fast Labour Hire Melbourne to find out more about the skilled labor market in the construction industry across Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. 

Construction Managers

Under Occupation ID 1331, you will find construction managers who have an occupation ceiling of 7,145. This is a particularly highly valued job considering how the management of construction sites is considered so complex and simply because there are many projects available. Once the project comes together, it can be incredibly fulfilling and the annual salary can be around $130,000.

Civil Engineering Professionals

With an occupation ceiling of 3,919, civil engineering professionals have highly sought after. The trade job can be found under Occupation ID 2332 and involves the conception, design, building, and supervision of infrastructure projects. The job can also be expected to be involved the operation, construction, and maintenance of such projects in the private and public sectors.

This is one trade job that has seen some interest as it is amongst a set that has been highlighted by the Australian government due to the expectation that they are most in demand in the near future.

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Pretty much every building and construction job should require an electrician. The job can be found under Occupation ID 3411 and has an occupation ceiling of 8,021. These are crucial services so the job should be rewarding on a daily basis. For that, you can expect an experienced electrician to earn approximately $85,000 every year. 


Carpenters/joiners should expect a little less than electricians in their salary at between $80,000 and $85,000. The trade job can be found under Occupation ID 3312 and comes with an occupation ceiling of 6,812. This is a more creative job as working for wood can be seen as challenging but oddly therapeutic. 

Metal Fitters And Machinists

Another highly rewarding and technical trade job is that of a metal fitter/machinist. The trade job is Occupation ID 3232 with an occupation ceiling of 6,335. Traders with this job can be expected to work with several large machines that include lathes, milling machines, and grinders. It does come with its own risks yet proves to be highly rewarding as a niche.


You can find plumbers under Occupation ID 3341 and they come with an occupation ceiling of 5,861 which may not seem like much. For such a manual job, it may come as a surprise that the job can command a salary of around $80,000 per year. Should you already have the qualifications then this is an ideal job to go across as you can typically find a lot of work in a big city. 


Bricklayers and stonemasons are categorized together in Occupation ID 3311 and the trade job has an occupation ceiling of 1,712. Both bricklayers and stonemasons can command a salary of $65,000 and both fulfill a crucial service. There is a telling difference in that bricklayers build walls while stonemasons fix damaged or new stone structures. 


There is an occupation ceiling of 1,452 for plasterers and it can be seen as a creative occupation. The trade job falls under Occupation ID 3332 and involves smoothing over and creating a decorative finish to ceilings and walls. You can expect to spend a lot of time in a home renovation or new build working on internal and external walls to enhance a space or repair it.


Trade jobs form a primary part of the Skilled Migration Programme which lists the jobs in Australia that are in demand. Though the program is mainly for foreigners, Australia has upped its intake for migration and that can be great news if you are hoping to move there.

These trade jobs can be on huge infrastructure projects such as that of a civil engineering professional, construction manager, or metal fitter/machinist. Other trade jobs can be a little more personable including carpenters/joiners, plumbers, and electricians.

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