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What to Expect When Exhibiting at Your First Trade Show

Are trade shows relevant in today’s business world? The simple answer is YES!

What to Expect When Exhibiting at Your First Trade Show

Trade shows have some of the best conversion rates in the marketing sector. At least one in two attendees of a trade show is ready to buy the advertised product.

On top of that, four out of five attendees have the financial power to buy that product.

Although trade shows are effective for marketing your business, you need to make sure that your company’s exhibits stand out at the event. It is a unique way of creating awareness and meeting new customers.

If you want to showcase your business at a trade show for the first time, you should expect to face some challenges.

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However, planning will help you to overcome bad experiences. You can rely on the tips in this guide to build a solid trade show marketing strategy, so keep reading to learn more.

Stay in Front of Your Table

Standing in front of your table is a gesture that shows you’re ready to listen to your visitors. If you stay behind the table, potential customers are likely to pass by without showing any interest.

Your gesture and standing posture should show that you are ready to welcome customers. If you stay with your hands crossed, people will think you’re not welcoming.

Body language is essential in such situations. In a matter of seconds, visitors can form a negative judgment about you.

Work With Event Exhibits

In your first time, you know very little about exhibits. You may not even know the best trade show booth design. That is why you need to work with event exhibits.

An event organizer like Rockway Exhibits can help you organize an exceptional exhibition. They’ll help you to secure your place and come up with innovative trade show booth ideas.

Besides the planning aspects, event organizers will take you throughout the day. They will help create a lively environment around your booth and attend to your customers if need be.

Bring Enough People

When exhibiting, always bring more people than needed. You don’t want to lose customers because there’s no person to serve them. Every person showing interest in your booth should have an employee attending to them.

Some customers may require detailed information about your products. In such cases, one of your staff members will be committed to the customer. If you have few employees, you might lose some opportunities.

You need to keep up with demands. Recruit individuals with big personalities to represent your organization and make sure they have a deep understanding of your brand.

Make Visitors Feel Comfortable

Trade shows are very exhausting. Some attendees might have been on their feet the whole day. You need to make them feel comfortable at your trade show booth.

Provide spaces for your customers to sit. You can also provide some form of entertainment. Playing some funny videos will keep your customers interested.

People will not stick around if you’re too “sales-y”. You can go the extra mile of providing them with a snack. However, make sure that your generosity translates to many new customers.

Look the Part

In trade shows, it is all about standing out. There will be very many trade show displays that will compete for attention. You need to do a lot to stand out.

However, everything you use in the display should represent your brand personality. Understand every aspect of decoration you’ll be using to make sure that it has a positive meaning.

Build a Trade Show Crowd

You need to build a buzz around your booth. This will only come if you have something fun to show. You can have a form of entertainment around your booth.

Some companies hire comedians and trade show models who will give your brand an extra boost, although this might be expensive for your small company. Therefore, you need to get creative around this point.

The main aim is to create some positive energy around your booth. The ultimate task is to get a bunch of guys around your booth. Others will come to see what is happening around in the tent.

Wear Branded Jackets

Wearing a branded jacket has nothing to do with the weather. However, you might benefit if it gets chilly.

The main purpose of a branded jacket is to help potential customers recognize your company instantly. Remember there are very many companies showing their items.

Customers are spoilt of choice, and they won’t waste time asking about who’s in charge. You must be proactive and show your brand. It is an opportunity to push your name in the saturated market.

Give Away Free Items

To you, your business is the best in the world. This is the perception that every business owner in the trade show has. However, to the visitors, yours is just another company.

Visitors will see hundreds of companies within the day. As such, they might never remember the name of your company in their lives. It is upon you to remain in their minds.

This is the time you’ll give free items. Make sure all the trendy promotional giveaways have your business name and logo.

Seize Your Moment and Build Connections

It is easier to say mean things about your competitors. Besides, you’re all in aggressive competition, and you want to damage their reputation.

However, this is not the best time to engage in unhealthy competition. This is the best time to create new customers and build connections.

Introduce your brand to new customers. Explain why they should buy your products or services. Say more about your business, and don’t dwell on competitors.

Speaking too much about your competitors only demonstrates your obsession with their existence.

Why You Need to Ask for Help

Trade shows are not the easiest marketing strategy. As such, before you go to your first trade show, you need to ask for professional assistance. The points discussed in this guide may not be sufficient for a successful trade show.

These points give you a basis for what you should expect. There are many details that you must have to achieve the success you need. That is why you must get the assistance of a trade exhibit company.

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