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5 Rules To Know About Trading On Super1 Investments

Super1 Investment is a newbie in the field of trading in Forex. It was recently born and is still emerging, trying to make its place in the market.

5 Rules To Know About Trading On Super1 Investments

This company is authentic and authorized, and so it is reliable to trade via this platform. However, there are some rules that you should know and understand before actually creating an account with Super1 Investments.

Go through this article for “5 Rules To Know About Trading On Super1Investments”.

The 5 Key Rules

Here is all that you should know:

Risks Involved

Super1 Investments clearly state that the trading derivatives may be carrying a high level of risk to the capital of their users. And so, the users should deposit only that much amount of money which they can afford to lose if something goes wrong by any chance.

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They further assert that the trading derivatives may not be suitable for all types of investors. So, it is best if the user considers all the risks involved and only then takes a wise decision of trading.

Strict Terms and Conditions

Super1 Investments have a clear set of terms and conditions which the user must read and understand before creating an account on this platform.

The user should be above the age of 18 years. The customer must accept and agree to all the terms and conditions for successfully creating the account.

Verification and KYC

Once a customer creates an account, they are supposed to get their account verified by uploading all the documents that are requested. These documents include a color copy of the user’s passport or a government-issued photo ID, along with the recent utility bill like an electricity bill or telephone bill.

It is important to take care that your passport or ID has not expired and the utility bill is not older than 3 months. It is extremely important that the name on the passport and ID matches the name on the utility bill.

Only after that, your account will be verified, and you will be able to proceed with your account successfully.

Types of Accounts

Super1 Investments believes that no trader is the same, and so they offer a wide variety of competitive yet different types of trading accounts that can suit the needs of the customers.

Each trading account also offers different levels of investment that you can make—so based on the risks you are willing to take and the amount of money you want to invest, you can choose the type of account you would like to create.

Make sure to take extra care of this step because this is a basic step that will define and shape your experience of getting associated with Super1 Investments. Choose wisely and only then create an account.

Zero Tolerance for Money Laundering

Super1 Investments follows a zero-tolerance policy towards money launderers. It follows strict guidelines as set by MONEYVAL, which is a permanent monitoring mechanism of the Council of Europe.

Based on this policy, they ensure that all their clients have been authenticated and that their identifiable information is maintained properly. They determine that clients are not known or suspected terrorists or criminals.

They also closely follow their clients’ money transactions. These strict guidelines have been adopted to protect Super1 Investments and all its clients and their transactions. This makes the platform safe, secure, and reliable to operate from.


Now that you have gone through all the basic rules that need to be taken care of for trading via Super1 Investments. You should take care of all these risks and then make your trading plan accordingly.

You should explore this new platform, and if you feel convinced and find it reliable, only then you should create an account and work with this platform. Happy Investing!


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