How Traditional Dealerships Tap Into The Profitable Online Market
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How Traditional Dealerships Tap Into The Profitable Online Market

Car dealership owners who don’t have a strong online presence will rapidly run out of market share. If you lack familiarity with the world of social media or simply aren’t confident with shopping online, you may be limiting your ability to grow. But tapping into the online marketplace may be simpler than you think.

Likes and Shares Can Boost Your Cashflow

Many folks of a particular generation have no interest in social media platforms. However, your business could be greatly increased with a strong social media presence. Research indicates that positive connections via social media can increase your sales by up to 30%.

Hiring a social media manager is crucial. You can hire this person on a part-time basis as a contractor or train a computer-savvy employee to take over this task. Do not think of this as a fill-in job that gets attention when your employees have some downtime. Your business needs to

  • respond to messages sent directly to your Facebook page
  • thank those who make a positive comment or promote your page
  • quickly reach out to unhappy customers who post on social media

Unanswered bad reviews, comments about poor customer service, and other negative comments about your business can be shared just as easily as the positive things said about your business. A quality social media manager can bring problems to your attention and help you track down positive comments about a specific employee and reward them accordingly.

Offer Nationwide Service

No matter where your dealership is located, you can expand your dealership’s car sales far past your state borders. With an optimized national marketing campaign, you may be able to make vehicle sales in practically every state in the USA.

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From New York to Hawaii, car shipping services are available to deliver your customers their purchases in a reliable and timely manner. A strong website that offers quality images and a thorough description could make it possible for shoppers from all over the world to review your inventory.

Teaming with an auto shipping company can expand the services your dealership is offering its customers. If you can ship a vehicle to the buyer, make sure that you include this in a banner on your website high on the page. You may choose to set up a rotating promotional banner about the special services that your business offers outside of new and used cars, such as

  • car shipping
  • a skilled repair shop
  • detailing, painting, and dent repair
  • a concierge service to help clients plan their day

Another banner could offer instructions about what those interested in trading in their vehicle will need to do before they bring it to your facility. A quality website with specific information can actually reduce the time that your sales staff and technicians need to put in to move your business forward.

Your Website Could Offer 24 Hour a Day Shopping

Recent world events have many people loving the ability to shop exclusively online. However, those who adore the process of social isolation still probably need a vehicle. Your website can serve as a spot to fantasize about a new car. It can also serve as a place to get prequalified for a car loan. The right website tools can allow you to serve as a banker, dream-builder, and supplier for those looking for a new car.

To make your website particularly accessible, ensure your images reflect everything you can offer. If your technicians can customize a vehicle for someone in a wheelchair, your marketing images can show how much freedom your business can offer. If you are creating a promo for trade-in vehicles because you need cars and vans, your images can include families with children and gear. Every step in your website construction needs to invite people to join your particular community.

Boost Your Security for Financing Applications

Since 2020, many citizens have struggled financially. They may have stopped regular maintenance on their vehicles because they weren’t driving much or they simply couldn’t afford it.

If your dealership offers to finance a new or used vehicle, consider adding a financing option for repairs. Make sure you also offer current drivers the option to refinance their vehicle; include both of these messages in a banner. Even getting pre-approved takes a lot of personal information. Do make sure that your website security is top-notch.

Your sticks and bricks car dealership can be a great core for your business. If your online presence isn’t strong, you can still up your game. You need a social media presence and a website that is easy to use.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.