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20 Awesome Travel & Adventure Business Ideas

Almost everyone loves to travel and to have outdoor adventures. That’s is why they say, “if travel was free, you won’t have seen me for the second time”. As it’s super exciting to travel, doing it as a business is great too, however, not everyone thinks of opting it as a business.

Travel and adventure tours business needs not only your enthusiasm, but also investment, licencing and commitment, so if you think you should pursue a career in the filed, following are some of the businesses you might consider:

1- Adventure Club Business

It can either be a local adventure cafe, where adventurers come and spend some quality time. Or else, you can build up a niche community of adventure lovers online, i.e. something like TripAdvisor, but more specific to a certain region or an adventure sport.

2- Adventure Travel Agent

There are a lot of travel agents in the market and becoming one such might not be equally profitable. However, if you are someone who specializes in booking and organizing an adventure travel, you certainly have a competitive advantage.

3- Shuttle Service

A shuttle service will need substantial investment, however it can be highly profitable too. The profits can be really rewarding if you happen to acquire deals with Airports and big events.

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4- Bed and Breakfast

If you live in or own a property in a city that has a greater tourist activity, a bed and breakfast business is surely a great idea. Even if you do not own a property, you can get some property owners onboard and start selling services on their behalf and keep your profit.

5- Community Tour Guide

This is an ideal idea for young entrepreneurs who want to start a part time business and are not interested in a desk job.

6- Cruise Ship Travel Agent

Once the cruise trips were considered to be an elite’s interest only. But, with more affordable cruises operating almost around the world, this luxury travel can be interest of moderate income group too. There are a lot of cruises looking to sell, and a lot of people want to get on an affordable cruise. All you need to do is to get them connected and have your share of profit.

7- Extreme Adventure Trips

This is an exciting business opportunity, however, it requires quite a lot of permits and parallel planning and safety measures to run such a business.

8- Kayak Tours Business

Another exciting opportunity, even if you are based in a big city, you can make huge profits being a middle man. Get connected with the local Kayak renting companies, promote your business in big cities, and forward the clients to the local businesses.

9- Off Road Tours Business

This one is as exciting as some of the above ideas, and you can either start it separately or add an off rad adventure in your existing business model.

10- Specialty Travel Business

Well, the term specialty travel is very broad an you can innovate it to your own needs. However, caravan hires, or RV customization is very popular these days.

11- Tour Guide Business

You do not necessarily need to be a tour guide yourself. Rather you can create a group of tour guides in various cities around the country or around the world. The travelers book the tour guide with you, and make a full payment. You assign the job to a local guide and he get his money when the job is done.

12- Travel Agency Business

Yes, this old school business is still popular, despite the availability of too many travel websites. A vast majority of people still feel more comfortable with a travel agent than a website bot.

13- Rent a Motorcycle Ride

It can be quite a profitable business in the cities where a large number of solo travelers on budget visit.

14- Business Networking for Travelers

Yes, a business networking for travelers where they can benefit by each others expertise and experience or trips. For instance, a platform where travelers can charge a small amount for carrying some goods/documents of other travelers.

15- Luggage Delivery Services

Another old school business idea, but still very popular, as people still need their stuff to be delivered.

16- Private Taxi Hire

If you own a single vehicle, then a rideshare business is ideal. But if you have two or more vehicles, having a private taxi service in partnership with a local hotel or another business is a great idea.

17- Travel Blogging

Travel blogging and Vlogging is very much popular, and people often consider it one of the low cost and easy to start business. However, it’s not that easy to maintain a level where it pays you well. But if you are a travel lover and determined to do something that is focused purely on your personality, go for it!

18- Rent a Car

Another old business idea, but still very popular among entrepreneurs who have a fleet of cars or can afford investing in a fleet.

19- Pick & Drop Service for Offices

More and more businesses are moving to online ordering, but it requires a significant investment, and overhead costs for them to manage the delivery. This is when they consider hiring a third party delivery service. So, it can surely be a great business idea even if you have a fleet of motorcycles.

20- Pick & Drop for Schools

Not only schools and educational institutions, but a lot of businesses also look for pick and drop service for their workers. It can surely be a profitable business in a big city as well as in relatively smaller towns.

The Bottom Line

Well, think a bit more; consider the travel issues and opportunities around you, within your community and you may find a more exciting niche for your business. For instance, snow goose hunting can be a great group adventure for a lot of people living a busy life in a big city. 

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