Travel & Adventure Business Ideas

Almost everyone loves to travel and to have outdoor adventures. That’s is why they say, “if travel was free, you won’t have seen me for the second time”. As it’s super exciting to travel, doing it as a business is great too, however, not everyone thinks of opting it as a business.

Travel and adventure tours business needs not only your enthusiasm, but also investment, licencing and commitment, so if you think you should pursue a career in the filed, following are some of the businesses you might consider:


1. Adventure Club Business

2. Adventure Travel Agent

3. Airport Shuttle Service

4. Bed and Breakfast

5. Community Tour Guide

6. Cruise Ship Travel Agent

7. Extreme Adventure Trips

8. Kayak Tours Business

9. Off Road Tours Business

10. Specialty Travel Business

11. Tour Guide Business

12. Travel Agency Business

13. Rent a Motorcycle Ride

14. Business Networking for Travelers

15. Luggage Delivery Services

16. Private Taxi Hire

17. Travel Blogging

18. Rent a Car

19. Pick & Drop Service for Offices

20. Pick & Drop for Schools.


Well, think a bit more; consider the travel issues around you, within your community and you may find something more exciting to do!