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Latest Trending Eyeglasses for Men

No longer do eyeglasses satisfy the only need for vision correction. Eyeglasses, these days, have become an essential fashion accessory. They now complement all kinds of outfits and looks, be it a casual look, a fun and quirky one, a professional one, or a smart and classy look.

Eyeglasses have gained much importance in the fashion world over the past few years, and thus they have evolved in styles and trends. Now there are so many styles of trendy eyeglasses available that it might get confusing for a person to select the right one for them.

Here is a list of the latest trends in men’s eyeglasses:

Thick Rimmed Frames

The evergreen, bold and black, thick-rimmed frames suit all face types. They have been in trend for the last century and continue to remain so. They can be worn by schoolboys, teenagers, young men, and oldies, with the glasses looking equally good on each of them. Apart from the regular black ones, other solid colors like brown, blue, and gray are also in style.

Beige Color Frames

Contrary to black and bold thick-rimmed glasses are the beige color glasses. These are available in various styles and go well with all skin complexions. There are three main variations of the beige color – sand, honey, and wheat. All of these have their charm and grace.

Clear Frames

This is a comparatively recent trend in the world of glasses. As the name suggests, these are white, transparent frames. Available in different shapes and sizes, these frames are simply classy and nothing else.

Browline Glasses

Yet again, browline glasses have made a comeback into the fashion scene. These glasses are available in metal and steel frames. They add weight to the forehead, ultimately giving a smart look. They give the much desired “masculine” look.

Oversized Frames

If you want to grab other people’s attention and want them to notice your new glasses, go for oversized frames. Square, geometric, round, oversized glass are available in plenty of designs. They look exceptionally good on round and small faces.


Very much in trend and popular for the past couple of years, aviator glasses are the go-to glasses if you want a robust look. Style and only style is what they display. They are available in steel and metal frames and, most importantly, are light in weight.

Tortoiseshell Frames

If you go by the name of it, the frames of these glasses are made from tortoise shells. Strange? They were made from tortoise shells in the past, but no need to worry. These days, they are made of acetate rolls – a type of durable plastic. These are the funkiest glasses available out there, in a wide variety of colors. These glasses suit all types of faces and all skin complexions.

Eco-friendly Frames

If you want to satisfy your environment-conscious and nature-lover side of yours, you can easily ditch the plastic frames for these eco-friendly frames. They are made of recycled steel, different metals, and even environment-safe plastics. Contrary to the common assumption that eco-friendly accessories are not as stylish as the other ones, these types of glasses are available in a wide range of designs and colors.

Round Frames

Probably the oldest style of frames, and still, they do not fail to meet the fashion criteria of the current age. If you want a retro and vintage look, go for completely round glasses without thinking twice. They are available in many colors; you can choose according to your skin type. They also complement the reader’s look.

Square Frames

Square frames, particularly black ones, never go out of style. They look exceptionally good on round and oval faces. If you want to complete your professional attire and need glasses to complement your formal look, go for these classy square frames and nothing else.


While you might need a pair of eyeglasses only to compliment your looks, it is important to choose carefully the right type of glasses depending upon your face shape, comfort, and some other things. And if you are buying glasses for vision correction, you need to be extra careful. Make sure you have the latest prescription from your doctor regarding the power of the lens needed.


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