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Trends on SEO Keyword & Competitor Analysis: Pro Tips by Clicks Marketing

As the world is rapidly transitioning into a state of complete digitalization, finding effective ways to tackle the wave is key to fighting off brutal competitors. We believe the first step is to establish comprehensive SEO throughout your business website.

However, this is no small feat as you will need to develop a particular SEO strategy to reach that stage. Various factors determine the success of an SEO campaign, like backlinks, metadata, keyword strategies, page speed, technical SEO, and many more.

All these are critical as competitor analysis is also done by implementing these same parameters.

Climbing the ranks in a SERP (search engine results page) is difficult and requires a lot of time. Knowing where your competition ranks and which keywords will help can go a long way in solidifying your position in search ranks and gradually improving it over time.

The purpose of this article is to describe the many trends in SEO keyword and competitor analysis as well as explain why going with companies like Clicks Marketing is the right thing to do.

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Keyword Clustering Method by Clicks Marketing

Taking the assistance of professionals from companies like Clicks Marketing is undoubtedly the best way to begin optimizing a website. That is because many intricacies need to be dealt with when it comes to affecting the search ranks of a website.

Companies like these are experienced in establishing top-tier SEO standards on a website by identifying and implementing all of the parameters that need to be tweaked, in the right proportions.

Clicks Marketing mainly uses keyword clusters to gradually change the SEO standards of a website. This is important because most users—if not all—visit websites for information or content, rather than the design or aesthetics.

Hence, websites must contain relevant content, or else they will have no intrinsic value, which both the search engine and the users will quickly figure out, causing the rankings to drop.

To do the necessary keyword research and clustering, the company uses highly effective and popular tools like SEMrush, SE Ranking, and Ahrefs. This is mainly done on the top five ranked pages to check what they are doing that is different from the website in question.

A lot of filtering is carried out so that the ideal keyword cluster can be determined.

After all this information is accumulated, the focus is shifted toward developing content for the website. Nothing is perfect, as there is always room for improvement in almost anything in this world.

Thus, the primary aim of Clicks Marketing is to craft content that is “least imperfect” to search engines, especially Google.

Aside from reaching out to them straight through their company website, you can also find and hire them via their platform on social media known as Clicks Internet Marketing. This is a fantastic way for prospective clients to interact with them and receive practical assistance without any hassle.

Online Reputation Management by Clicks Marketing

No matter how high the quality of their products are, businesses struggle to attract customers if they do not have a substantial reputation and goodwill in the market.

No customers will purchase anything from a website that feels shady, not well maintained, or has bad reviews. After all, these days, people do not need to purchase and use a product to identify its qualities or the lack of it.

Now, all you need is to check the analytics of a website to determine its reputation and overall credibility. Business owners struggle to sustain the goodwill and dependability of their websites with so much competition.

This is where Clicks Marketing takes charge and, with the right resources, starts making positive and effective changes to the website.

Online reputation management is the premeditated upholding of an organization’s reputation standards by gradually impacting the public impression and widespread belief of would-be clients.

A clean reputation goes a long way toward ensuring brand acknowledgment by the public. Although this sounds like a straightforward job, in reality, it takes time to attain the expected results.

Make no mistake: when it comes to goodwill and reputation, it may take years to build them but, if the wrong moves are played, everything can come crashing down in the blink of an eye.

Scalable Content Marketing by Clicks Marketing

Now that you have a firm idea of how keyword clustering works and the benefits of implementing such mechanisms in the web ranking process, let us take a look at the topic of scalable content marketing.

The proper definition of content marketing is that it is the creation, publication, and spreading of informative online content for a particular niche or a group of enthusiasts.

This form of marketing provides a highly elaborate source of information for users. It is completely different from mundane methods where developers used to fill web pages with annoying ads and overstuffing of keywords.

After all, content marketing is all about sharing educational content instead of promotional content.


Spamming is the practice of repeatedly inserting keywords into content to direct the attention of search engines to them. This was once a powerful skill, but it is no longer so due to advancements in search algorithms.

Spam is now widely regarded as a nuisance, and justifiably so. If such methods are used, readability suffers significantly, lowering the website’s ranking. Clicks Marketing keeps a close eye on spam issues when dealing with content in a website.

They leave no stone unturned to keep the information authentic, original, and very easy to understand.

How Do Customers Benefit from Clicks Content Marketing Measures

Content marketing is, arguably, the most effective form of digital marketing these days. Clicks Marketing takes full advantage of this as they focus heavily on improving the content of a website. The following sections describe some of the key steps they take on behalf of their clients.

Focuses on a Specific Niche

Relevant content is all that matters when dealing with competitors (which is always the case). Clicks Marketing runs a significant amount of competitor analysis to figure out what the perfect content would need to contain.

Once the niche and the right keywords are identified, developing the content is not a tough task.

As you are already aware, Clicks Marketing implements many tools for finding keywords. The decisions taken are calculated and well thought out.

After obtaining the keywords, content writers, editors, and project managers combine to devise a thorough plan based on which the content would start getting developed.

Publishes for the Client

Once the content is developed, it needs to be published online. Not only that: the content needs to stay online for a substantial amount of time for visible effects to start emerging. Generating an online presence takes time, as the intended traffic in such methods is organic and not advertised.

However, finding the right methods of publishing the content most efficiently is not so easy. Whatever the targeted niche is, the information needs to go with the flow so that readers can learn something productive out of it.

If such standards can not be followed, search engines will not rank it anywhere near the expected position.

The Clicks Marketing professionals consider these and take steps to follow the right methods for the content to reach the desired standards.

Why Is Competitor Analysis So Important?

In this final section, we have tried to explain the importance of competitor analysis by looking at a hypothetical example. Say you own a home decor company based in Sydney, Australia. Along with a physical store, you also have a beautiful website where your customers can order products.

If you search “best home decor outlet in Sydney,” you might end up finding many other organizations ranked higher than yours that provide the same products and services as your company does. The next step would be to try and figure out why they are ranked higher than you.

Chances are, you will end up realizing that the other websites have a lot of mentions in other, higher profile, relevant websites. You might also find that the content they showcase follows more SEO trends than yours.

The more you analyze and scrutinize, the more you will realize where the lackings are in your website.

With all that information at hand, you can then improve your website accordingly and start putting some serious pressure on your competitors. Thus, the success of any business must perform a comprehensive competitor analysis before making any major decisions.

Final Thoughts

The importance of SEO can never be overstated—especially with newer and more effective methods being released every year. We believe this article has been able to provide you with an ample amount of information regarding which steps to follow and what to avoid.

Take drastic decisions when needed. Only then can success be ensured and sustained.


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