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TruConversion; an All in One Analytics & Feedback Tool

Increasing website traffic is the ultimate goal of any marketer as it’s the way to get more business, but it’s more important to convert the current visitors than bringing new ones.

The first step in conversion optimization is to see your website from the perspective of a visitor; this is the only way to find out the reasons why they leave without making a purchase.

When it comes to design an effective conversion optimization strategy, you need need effective tools.

Google Analytics is though very much praised, but let me tell you it’s not enough, as it doesn’t have heatmaps, and to monitor the actual user behavior closely, the only option is “real time” stats. So, if I am based in Middle East, and my website’s target market is US and Canada, Google Analytics’ in-page analytics doesn’t help me completely.

Watching recordings of users’ individual browsing journey can be a great help, which TruConversion aims to bring in. Knowing where they’re clicking, which pages they are exiting more from and where they go from my website can help massively improve conversion.


This is something I wanted from long, and I just signed up for the Beta as well and I am eagerly waiting to test the heatmaps, recordings, funnels and all what it’s supposed to have. And, I am sure, it’s going to be of great value!

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TruConversion in Their Own Words:

TruConversion is an All in One Web Analytics & Feedback tool that helps website owners understand why their visitors are leaving. Some of the tools include Heatmaps, Visitor Session recordings, Conversion Funnels, Customer surveys, Exit surveys..

What Brings TruConversion to the Spotlight:

Better insights for conversion optimization.

TruConversion Website:

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