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Tubular for Building & Managing Sales Pipelines with Ultimate Ease

Sales pipeline is the big picture of the company’s sales process and the key to success is a controlled sales pipeline. The more control you have over your sales pipeline, the more likely you are to increase revenue. However, managing your sales pipeline efficiently is easier said than done!

Do you spend too much time on administration but still the deals don’t move faster? Well, you may also not know the number of open opportunities, lead to win ratio, as well as the status of team members!

If that’s the case, you are certainly not managing your sales pipeline effectively and you must get a good sales pipeline software. Tubular is one such software that is free and easiest option to track your sales pipeline, tasks and leads, so you can optimize your sales pipeline without incurring any additional costs!

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With Tubular, you don’t need to spend hours of data entry; move the status of a deal in a single click, assign tasks to yourself or the team members and your whole team is up to date in minutes. Reduce the internal communication time, increase efficiency of the sales process and increase team productivity with more deals closed in less time.

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Tubular is the ideal choice to get everyone in your team a transparent view of what’s happening in the overall sales cycle. However, if there are some deals with sensitive information, you may keep the deal private.

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It’s not just the sales pipeline that’s important but contacts and leads are too and with Tubular you can have them all at one place.

A must try for startups and small businesses looking for faster growth. You can start with the free version to test up to 10 pipelines and buy subscription as your sales pipelines grow!

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Tubular in Their Own Words:

Tubular is a new way to manage your pipeline for teams. Move the status of a deal in a single click. Assign tasks to yourself or any member of your team. In a glance your whole team is up to date and can work together to progress sales leads whilst reducing internal emails.

Our goal is to help our users enjoy a simpler and more productive way of tracking their sales pipeline. Current solution on the market are very rigid and conform to stereo typical sales techniques. We believe people need a more flexible and customizable tool.



What Brings Tubular to the Spotlight:

It saves big time and time is money!


Tubular Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.