Turn Your Customer Emails into Customer Insights with ContextSmith

We are living in an age where the happy customer is the focus of almost any business. It’s a happy customer that takes your business to the next level, i.e. you can upsell to the same customer or he may bring you multiplied business through word of mouth. So, optimizing your organizational processes for the best customer service is the key.

Optimizing the customer services is not much challenging for B2C concerns, but in case of B2B businesses, it’s really tough as the clients are in touch with multiple teams, i.e. Sales, Services, Support etc. Email is the most convenient and widely used mode of communication in B2B world but it’s not an efficient solution.

Customer emails and information is often lost over time and you have no clue of whom you last talked about the particular customized solution. If you want to maintain the records in another way, you may need to hire a particular person for bulk data entry or get a custom software developed for your organization.

To address this particular problem in the most efficient way, you may love to try ContextSmith which is a customer intelligence software that centralizes all emails with customers and turns them into alerts and customer insights. You don’t need to download anything or enter any data; just connect your email and discover information and collaborate smarter with your customers.

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It’s an awesome way to speed up the customer analysis as ContextSmith monitors all customer touchpoints, activities, and milestones and with one view of your customers, it captures opportunities, risks, and follow ups to increases customer loyalty.context smith image 3

ContextSmith is an ideal customer service optimization solution not just for startups and small businesses, but also for enterprises with cross-functional teams to be aware and on the same page about customer status.

If it’s a startup, you should get the basic subscription and can upgrade the plan as needed. But if you have any confusions, do try the free version as it doesn’t need any credit card information.

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ContextSmith in Their Own Words:

ContextSmith centralizes all customer communications for Sales, Services and Customer Success teams, enabling them to increase upsells, identify risks, search, collaborate and discover information from the single source of truth of all customer communications.

In B2B world, where customers are usually high touch from multiple teams (Sales, Services, Support), email is main form of communications. However, emails and customer information get lost over time and companies can’t answer a simple question: Who talked to Mr. Customer A last and what was talked about? ContextSmith gives the visibility to the whole organization and enables cross-functional teams to be aware and on the same page about customer status, therefore, increasing opportunities to upsell and making customers successful.


What Brings ContextSmith to the Spotlight:

It’s an intelligent software, encourages smart work, lowers the organizational costs and increases productivity!


ContextSmith Website: http://www.contextsmith.com