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How TV and Streaming Ads Can Boost Your Business

As a business advertising model, TV advertising is in a time of transition. While the way we watch television and content has changed dramatically in recent years, so has the way marketers advertise, as well as the way consumers view these ads.

Whether advertising through linear TV on a conventional ad break or displaying ads to consumers via connected OTT TV advertising, streaming and TV advertising can have a huge impact on your business’s sales and leads.

Let’s take a look at how TV and streaming ads can boost your business.

From TV to Digital

With the introduction of streaming and video-on-demand services, the TV advertising landscape has evolved throughout recent years.  Viewers are now able to choose if they want to view an advertisement or not through skippable and connected ads.

Consumers can binge view unlimited amounts of shows and content with no advertising breaks or any ads at all on some OTT platforms like Netflix, small ad breaks on other platforms, and the ability to fast-forward through ads on on-demand platforms.

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Advanced TV is dominating digital streaming marketing currently and is a goldmine for advertisers all over the world.

OTT Streaming Advertising

The ads delivered to consumers on OTT platforms and VOD content are known as OTT ads, or sometimes referred to as streaming TV ads.

As more people turn to streaming video services instead of conventional cable and broadcast television, OTT ads provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach new and more audiences at scale.

Benefits of Digital TV Advertising

The surge of ad-supported streaming platforms provides advertisers with far more alternatives for investing their money and revenue and forming competition for primetime TV networks. TV advertising provides a significant competitive business advantage since it can increase market share while also providing scale and reach. It also allows you to purchase the precise number of ratings that you require.

TV advertising is a great method for reaching huge audiences on a regular basis and in a timely manner. Online advertisers and brands are realizing that TV is still an important part of their marketing budget and the only reliable strategy to build their market share.

TV Advertising Costs

The cost of producing a television advertisement varies greatly depending on its complexity. You can create a fantastic TV advertisement and receive a strong ROI for a lot less money than you may think. And the finest agencies will strike lucrative arrangements with broadcasters.

New Types of TV and Advertising

Connected TV 

A connected TV is a device that connects to a television or smart television and is used to provide streaming video content. CTV is essentially a device that has been designed to allow you to connect to the Internet and view video content.

Video on Demand 

Video on demand refers to video material that is available to customers when they want it. VOD is classified into four sections – which include:  subscription video on demand (SVOD), transactional video on demand (TVOD), ad-based video on demand (AVOD), and premium video on demand (PVOD).

And there you have it – everything you need to know about how TV and streaming ads can boost your business.


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