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10 Best TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch on Netflix

Looking to get inspired during your free time? This calls for some popular tv shows to stream on Netflix. Entrepreneurship is currently the talk of the town, and everybody wants to get into the startup culture.

Combine the knowledge of business owners with your Netflix streaming time and put on your watchlist the 10 best TV shows for entrepreneurs to watch on Netflix. Let’s get started.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Whenever you think of words like ‘rich or ‘entrepreneur’, this man’s name comes to mind. We’ve all seen him fly high on the rich people list.

This 3-part Netflix documentary takes us deeper into his thought process and how it’s slowly evolving from the founder of Microsoft to a philanthropist working on global challenges.

This award-winning documentary is what’ll get you conscious about life, climate change, and the power of hard work.

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Girl Boss

This pick is an inspiring female entrepreneur’s journey which is based on the story of Sophia Amuroso. Her story of starting an online business from her bedroom at the age of 22 has an incredible listen for the life of entrepreneurship.

Lessons about failure, adversity, confidence, and struggle to paint the story of the young CEO of Nasty Girl and makes up a great feature for your watchlist. Although it was only up for one season, it is still a great pick on entrepreneurship.

Better Call Saul

Not a business we’d idolize but many lessons can be taken from the struggle. This prequel from the infamous Breaking Bad features a struggling young man making his way into the world by lawyering up for random crooks and siding with the bad guys. (By the way, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, it won’t affect much of your experience here, but it is best to keep it next on your watchlist)

a man thinking of something

The young Saul-Goodman’s journey from ex-convict to a successful lawyer has many lessons for entrepreneurs like ‘Fake it till you make it’, perseverance, taking risks, and much more.

The Office

For those of you who know, this mockumentary is a bundle of laughs and carries a lot of business lessons. One of the best things to learn from the buffoonery of the regional manager salesman is his friendliness with colleagues and his redefinition of a boss.

He may be irrational in some cases, but he stands as an example of friendship, encouragement, and enjoys the work life.

There is a brief interleaf where (SPOILER ALERT) he quits starting his own company and is brought back to the former company later (another great part of the series that encourages entrepreneurship).

Mad Men

They say that marketing is an essential part of the business. This next pick is about how the men in advertising a successful company lead their lives. This show is set at a time where consumerism is at its peak and how ad agencies made the most on this trend.

two men in black suit at a bar

Other than that, it gives an insight into their leisure and our entrepreneurial audience can get great pointers for marketing tactics and how such agencies work.


This next pick is a lesson in confidence and bravery. It is set in a fictional law firm in New York revolving around the life of two lead characters, Harvey, and Mike.

Mike has the power to consume the highest level of knowledge without having a fancy degree (Harvard) to his name. To anyone aspiring to watch Suits, it is a great pick to learn about the power of belief.


The world of entrepreneurship calls for extensive research on mass production, globalism, consumer culture, and much more.

This investigative series Broken shows the ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of our everyday use of products and services. It uncovers some daring truths and can educate us on influencer hype and scarcity marketing.

Workin’ Moms

We’ve always learned that mothers are the best example for entrepreneurs. The way they nurture, care, raise, fight all adversity and stay consistent.

This series Workin’ Moms is a truth-telling feature of the struggles of a single mother who tries to maintain a work-life balance whilst dealing with workplace challenges. This show sets some great lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Mind, Explained

If you want to understand why people do what they do, this documentary is a ‘must-watch for you.

This is part of Vox’s explained series entitled The Mind where experts of the industry comment about how the brain functions. It can help you leverage success for yourself in the world of business by dealing with people effectively.

Dirty Money

To get a first-hand glimpse of corporate fraud and greed, this documentary is one to binge on. This six-part series Dirty Money features the story of the many companies engaged in corruption and their attempts at hiding it.

From car manufacturing companies to big banks, it has great lessons about corporate maleficence.


These 10 picks on your watchlist will do justice with your free time and your entrepreneurial spirit. Each of these shows carries real-world lessons that not only apply to entrepreneurship but life in general.

So, the next time you find yourself having spare time, have these choices in your watchlist, stream, and enjoy!


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