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9 Types of Facebook Ad Formats

Do you know you have so many options for Facebook ad formats? You can pick and customize them to meet your objectives, target audience, and budget.

To know the best Facebook Ad campaign structure for your copies, check out these possible ad formats:

1. Video Ads

Facebook video ads allow businesses to promote their products and services through short engaging videos. They also have the following elements: ad copy, call-to-action buttons, and related content

They appear within Facebook News Feeds and can be skippable or non-skippable depending on the advertiser’s objectives.

Video ads are excellent for building brand awareness and are especially useful for promoting products and services that can be difficult to explain through text and images alone.

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2. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads consist of a series of images or videos that businesses can use to tell a story or showcase their products and services. They are highly visual and allow businesses to highlight multiple aspects of their offering in a single ad.

Carousel ads are particularly well-suited for promoting ecommerce products, as they provide an opportunity to showcase multiple product images and attributes (e.g. price, color, size, etc.). They can also be used to tell brand stories or to highlight customer testimonials.

3. Lead Ads

Lead ads allow businesses to collect leads (i.e. contact information from potential customers) directly within the Facebook platform. They don’t need to send prospects to an external landing page. This makes them especially well-suited for mobile users, who may be less likely to complete a form on a small screen.

Lead ads can be used to collect information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles. They are an effective way to build a database of potential customers that can be marketed to in the future.

4. Slideshow Ads

Facebook slideshow ads leverage visual content’s power to capture potential customers’ attention. These essentially take an existing Facebook post or ad and turn it into an eye-catching slideshow.

They work by accessing user data to build custom audiences based on specific criteria, like interests, location, demographics, etc., and then displaying the resulting slideshow ads in the news feeds of those users.

These ads are helpful in generating interest in events like conferences or meet-ups, promoting blogs or other digital content, and increasing sales through affiliate marketing programs.

5. Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads (DPAs) help companies promote their products to users who have already shown an interest. They work by automatically pulling product information (e.g. images, prices, descriptions, etc.) from a business’s website or product catalog and then creating personalized ads for each individual user.

These ads are highly effective at generating sales from customers who are already familiar with a company’s products. They can also be used to upsell or cross-sell related products.

6. Instant Experience Ads

Instant experiences are full-screen, immersive ads that allow businesses to tell their story in a more interactive and engaging way. They load quickly on both desktop and mobile devices and can include videos, images, carousels, forms, and other types of rich media.

These ads are designed to capture users’ attention and encourage them to interact with a company’s brand. They are particularly well-suited for promoting products and services that require more explanation or visuals (e.g. apparel, travel, home décor, etc.).

7. Collection Ads

Collection ads combine the best of both worlds: the visual appeal of an instant experience with the product focus of a dynamic product ad.

They consist of a cover image or video, followed by a grid of four images that can each link to a different landing page. These ads are ideal to promote a cohesive product line or collection, like an apparel line or a set of home goods.

8. Event Ads

Event ads let businesses promote their events to a targeted audience. They include all the essential information about an event (e.g. date, time, location, etc.) and can be customized with images, videos, and call-to-action buttons.

Event ads effectively increase attendance and generate interest in various events, from concerts and festivals to conferences and workshops.

9. Boosted Post Ads

Boosted post ads are simply existing Facebook posts that have been given a boost in reach by being placed on users’ news feeds outside of a company’s normal audience.

These ads are ideal for quickly promoting time-sensitive content, like sales or limited-time offers. They can also generate interest in events or drive traffic to a company’s website or landing pages.


Businesses can maximize different Facebook ads to satisfy their marketing goals. However, the best type of ad for a particular business will depend on factors like its budget, target audience, and the objectives of its marketing campaign.

With so many options available, it’s important to experiment with different types of ads to see which ones work best for your business.

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