Types of Nora Lighting Every Interior Designer Should Know

Whether you have just started interior designing business or you are in trade for a while learning should never stop.

People often do not realize just how powerful lighting is. Even the most seasoned designers can neglect this amazing utility. The way a simple fixture can transform even one room into a completely different way can be breathtaking at times. However, like most tricky techniques, it might be best if you have a firm grasp of the essentials.

This article will discuss some of the many different types of Nora Lighting choices that you can  use to make your simple projects stand out.

Before we begin, let me just make things clear. I know there are some confusions regarding ambient lighting and general lighting. So, to settle this, let us just say that they are one and the same and move on.

Ambient lighting is basically the kind which is treated like a utility. The objective here is to ensure that light is spread well all throughout the area. Of course, there are more sophisticated kinds of ambient lighting that offers other kinds of specialized functions

Task lighting is another type of lighting that you should be familiar with. Like its name suggests, its aim is to bring a portion, or a part of the room to highlight. This is most commonly used in studies and libraries where someone might need sufficient lighting for reading without the added glare of the unneeded surrounding lighting. These are also used in cooking where it is not only important to highlight the kitchen table for cooking and preparing of ingredients, but to ensure that the light can cut through smoke and steam as well.

Finally, people often think that computer work does not need sufficient lighting because, well, the monitors themselves are already sources of light. This cannot be further from the truth however because, other than it being unhealthy to the computer user at workplace or home office, it also misses the fact that there are other fixtures inside rooms where computers reside.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different kinds of Nora lighting. When is the best time to use which kind. How to use them and more importantly, what value it gives the room it is installed in.

1- Ceiling Mounted Nora Lighting

Ceiling mounted lighting includes quite the range of different kinds of options in lighting. As its name implies, they are mounted on the ceiling. They can be permanently fastened using simple mounts typically made of steel or ceramic. Or they could be hanging as with the case with simple chandeliers and other cosmetic centerpieces. One thing that distinguishes ceiling mounted lighting to other kinds of lighting pressed on the ceiling is the way that the light source is hidden from sight.

Usually, material, be it fabric, plastic shade or glass, will be used to block the light coming from the side thus highlighting the area directly below it. The reason for doing this is to ensure a more even diffusion of light. Generally speaking, the lighting of choice for ambient is the ceiling mounted lighting. This is because it provides a better way to cover all areas needing illumination compared to accent lighting or task lighting.

2- Downlight Nora Lighting

More commonly called as pendant lights, downlight lighting is characterized by the cord or cable that allows the light source to hang from the ceiling. True enough, most of the designs end up looking like pendant heads. An enclosing, which is usually reflective, closes the light source off from all the side and allows the light to propagate in a downwards direction. It is more commonly used as a highlight lighting for hands-on tasks that requires good hand-to-eye coordination.

Think of functions like cooking and slicing on a kitchen table, or even surgeries on a hospital bed. Pendant lights become the center of attraction in a room almost immediately. Aside from its flashy enclosure, it is also almost eye level thus giving even more attention to itself. Despite its name however, it is not to be swayed like a pendant and should be kept out of reach from children or accidental bumping with utilities like mops or brooms.

The bottom line is that pendant lightings are so visible and almost irresistible for onlookers to pay attention to. Bring a pendant light into a kitchen and see it transform into a class a food factory.

3- Recessed Nora Lighting

There are times when you would rather not have too much attention on the lighting or even none at all. Offices for instance would rather have everybody focus on matters at hand and can even consider aesthetics like these to be a distraction. It does not mean however that we cannot put up sufficient lighting without applying the wonders of lighting.

Using recessed lighting, we can light up rooms with all the efficiency and minus the dangling rods and cables. The idea is to keep all equipment used in lighting to be as far from sight as possible. This includes the wires and, the mounts, and, in some cases, even the light source itself. By hiding the light source in the depression, it would almost appear as if the ceiling is lighting up the room and that in itself is quite the sight,

Installation of recessed lighting can be tricky however and should be part of the original building plan. If wires were to dangle from the ceiling then its purpose would have been defeated. Luckily enough, most designers already know this and are often keen to ensure that proper wiring tubes are to be included in the construction.

4- Spotlight Nora Lighting

Do you feel like you need to have a certain part of the room highlighted more than anywhere else in the room? Then you might want to install track and spotlights. These fixtures are mounted on the ceiling or can also be hung.

The choice will largely depend on what is ideal for the function of the room itself. The ability of the spotlight to adjust makes the spotlight extremely flexible. It is perfect for spaces that can be considered as galleries of sorts. There are also other functions but you may want to limit it to the most necessary as they can cost a ton.