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Types of Outdoor Signages You Can Use For Your Business

Signages are one of the essential marketing tools for businesses. It can be used to show one’s branding or as a medium of advertising.

If you are a new business, you should not take for granted the usefulness of signages, especially exterior ones. Outdoor signs are among the most visible signs. They should be big and bright enough to attract foot traffic towards your local store. It should be catchy enough to give out an inviting atmosphere to your potential clients.

However, not all types of outdoor signages are applicable to your business. There are signs, which may not apply to you because of its style, size, or appearance. A lot of options are available in the market.

In this article, we will be educating you on the types of outdoor signs to facilitate and assist you in deciding which sign to put for your business.

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A-frame Signs

A-frames are freestanding outdoor signs. These are usually seen on the sidewalks.  These are classic and straightforward signs, which are inexpensive.

A-frames are very useful in attracting bypassers as they are easily customizable and noticeable along the sidewalks. However, these types of signs are not so effective from afar. They are not significant and tall enough to attract customers from a distance.

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are those signs that are intended to be illuminated from behind by a light source. They are designed to increase visibility and to stand out, especially at night. However, these types can also be used during the daytime.

Although a little costly, these signs are worth every penny spent. It attracts more customers by giving bypassers something to look at. These types are more flexible as to their appearance. In using backlit signs, its location and style are of utmost importance. Otherwise, they will not be as effective as it should be if they are placed in areas where they cannot stand out.


Banners are easy to install and are very common. These can be used for all occasions. It can be for indoor and outdoor events, be it for advertising or note. These types have far-reaching functions. They are also easily customizable and affordable. However, banners are not for long-term use. They do not last long, especially when placed outside and exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Reader Boards

Reader boards usually come with interchangeable letters. As such, they are customizable and fun to use. They are quite useful and practical, especially for conveying messages to your customers. However, storage is very crucial. Letters may be lost if not taken care of properly.

Electronic Signs

Aside from backlit signs, electronic signs also illuminate and are very playful to the eyes. An electronic sign is a sure way to make your business stand out. Some are programmable and can be personalized.

It is easy to customize by just changing its program. As such, conveying your message to customers can be quickly done. Although they seem to be an excellent choice, these types are usually costly and demand a great deal in maintenance.

Window Lettering and Graphics

These types of signages are great in showing details. With window lettering and graphics, your business can add pictures that usually cannot fit on other kinds of signs.

Also, if you have other signs placed, these are great compliments giving a better reflection of your business and its services. However, these may be challenging to install. They are also tough to maintain as they can be damaged by temperature easily. They are a bit expensive and do not last long.


There is an overwhelming variety of signs you can use for your business. The above are not exclusive. They are the most common signs, which are already proven effective in luring in customers. Nevertheless, if you explore further, there are still other types that you could also use that may serve the purpose you intend for your signage to help.

Be that as it may, deciding on which signage to use will depend on your purpose, your store, its location, its services, and the needs of your store. Also, in determining its effectiveness, factors such as the signs’ location, size, and style matters. That is why careful thought should be made in putting up outdoor signs. It is crucial in a business, especially that signages are said to be the inanimate salesperson that draws more clients than those other traditional ways of marketing.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.