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A Guide On The Types Of Websites For Your Small Business

Are you struggling to figure out what type of website your business needs? When there are almost two billion websites on the internet, that’s not surprising. There are countless types of websites mixed in there, so it’s not easy for someone without website experience to figure out what’s best.

You need to understand the types of websites available if you want to make the right choice when building yours. Keep reading to learn your website options when you’re building a website for your company.

ECommerce Website

An eCommerce website is one of the best websites for businesses that sell products. Many platforms allow you to set up an online store, list products easily, and start making sales.

Many eCommerce platforms even handle tax calculations and other things for you. That means you’ll spend far less time setting up all the little details. You’ll get your site online quicker and start selling your products.

Service Website

Do you have a business that sells services locally? If so, you need a website that advertises your services for people looking online. A service website will help you do this.

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A service website will help you list every service your company offers and show up on Google Maps. The website development costs for this website aren’t much, either. You can get an online brochure for your site that constantly drives people to your business.

Portfolio Website

Sometimes customers need to see examples of your work before you convince them to buy. A portfolio website is for just that occasion.

You can use a portfolio website to post your past work.

Photographers can post photos of events they’ve covered. Web designers can create sites that show how good designers they are. Construction companies can show examples of projects they completed.

It doesn’t matter what type of work you handle every day. You can use the best WordPress portfolio theme to show people what you can do to convince them to buy from your business.


Some industries are data-driven. Consumers want to find authorities on subjects and use them to get their information. If you’re in that type of industry, a blog is a great type of website to build.

A blog will give you the means to post informative content. The main goal is to target search terms on Google that people search for a lot. If you do a great job creating content, Google will reward your business with high rankings and free search engine traffic.

Support Website

It’s not always easy for customers to get support for product issues. They have to track down phone numbers, emails, and contact forms. That’s why many companies create support websites to make things easier.

A support website will help you collect customer issues and put them into a database. From there, your customer service team can look at common problems, fix them, and reach back out to customers with a solution.

Now You Know The Main Types Of Websites

There are many types of websites on the internet, but most businesses can get away with sticking with the primary ones. The above small business websites are the most popular for companies of all sizes. Keep them in mind when designing a website to help build your brand.

Head back to the blog to learn what comes next after bringing your business website online.

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