UAE MUMS; Connecting Stay at Home Mommies in More Productive Way

Being a career hotspot fror almost all industries, United Arab Emirates hosts a huge number of expats that altogether makes 84% of the total population of the UAE. There’s a list of challenges for the expats that come along with the opportunities and there are specific reasons.

Loneliness is the  number one challenge for expats followed by cost of living, health care expenses, and cultural differences. Loneliness is though the problem with both the genders, however, it hits women specifically. Stay at home moms suffer more than anyone else, but there are working women as well who complain of low social interaction.

UAE MUMS, an online plus offline group for moms in Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaima is making a huge difference by battling the issue of Loneliness. More than 20,000 ladies from across UAE actively participate by sharing their recipes, tips and expert advice. Let it be a concern of how to decorate your home or teach your child a particular behaviour, or where to shop on discount, ladies love to ask and share experiences.

uaemums events
uaemums events Some Recent Events by UAEMUMS – Click the image to see full size

Besides the online activity, regular events are held in all the cities that bring the online experience into real life fun. The events include exhibitions, fun fairs, national days, cultural events and just anything ladies would love to join in.

A glimpse of an event by UAEMUMS - Click the image to see full size
A glimpse of an event by UAEMUMS - Click the image to see full size A glimpse of an event by UAEMUMS – Click the image to see full size

UAE MUMS in Their Own Words:

The idea behind UAE MUMS was to bring together the stay-at-home mothers under one platform to socialize, intermingle and share common goals and interests. Since formation, UAE MUMS had held more than 65 social theme-based events to maximize interactions between ladies coming from all walks of life; hence promoting cross cultural friendships.

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What Brings UAE MUMS to the Spotlight:

In the apps economy, a mumpreneur is connecting tens of thousands of other mommies and entertaining them with social, cultural, charitable and commercial events without an app. It’s not just helping them overcome loneliness, but also helping them have a better lifestyle!

UAE MUMS Website: The official website is, however, most of the activity and women interest will be these groups: and