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Ultimate Etsy Shipping Guide to Grow Your Business

Etsy is all the rage at the moment, and if you want to take your little Facebook selling page to the next level, you may consider Etsy to be that next step. Not only will you need the best enKo shipping and packaging supplies ready to get your products out there, but you’ll also need to know how Etsy shipping works!

Education is everything when it comes to setting up a new business on Etsy, and the more that you research and learn early on, the better off you and your customers will be. It’s all about that customer experience, right? So, let’s give them the best possible one, shall we?

Shipping On Etsy

You have your eCommerce store up and running and the campaigns have gone out to let your customers know exactly what’s available and where from. You’re ready to start receiving your orders, and you’ve even gone to the lengths of ordering a labeling machine for your own labels

When you get your order through Etsy, the customer will put their information into the right boxes, and you can buy the right label through the Etsy system. They’ll even calculate the postage for you, off the back of you adding in the right weight of the product, etc. Here’s how you do this!

1- Plan Your Packaging

When you create the product listings on Etsy, think about how you plan to get it to the customer. You should ensure that your products remain safe when they’re on the way, and this means thinking carefully about the packaging that you use. I would advise that you choose the lightest and most protective packaging possible for sending – just in case of damage!

Try all your packaging options before you offer it on your Etsy site. It should be cost-effective for both you and the customer, so try out a few options so that you know exactly what you need.

Get a little creative in your packaging, with your logo or brand colours. This way, you can ensure that the recipient can see the effort that you have put in to ensure that their experience is a good one!

2- Measure and Weigh

Etsy will always ask what the weight and measurements for each product equate to, so make sure you have this before you send. Measure the whole package area and ensure that it’s correct. Postage meters can help you to scale and weigh your package, and use the right scale to weigh everything!

3- Price Points

Did you know that you can use shipping to boost your profit margins? Well, with Etsy, the shipping feature offers you easy access to the Etsy handling fee. Etsy can then help you out by offering you more profit to pay you for the time you take to package and ship.

Don’t go nuts with it – it’s not ideal to turn your customers off from your business right at the final hurdle of payment! Stay competitive with the charges that you make to your customers, and you’re going to be able to stay well-priced, too.

4- Etsy Shipping Profiles

You can create as many shipping profiles as you like when it comes to Etsy. This is good news for you, as you can tailor your shipping experience to your customers without having to have a “one size for all” option.

You need more time for the heavier products, and Etsy will take this into account in your handling fee. You get full control when it comes to the lighter items, too, with more options for you to choose from to ensure that you choose the right shipping option.

You get to choose the best shipping option for your customers, too, which will make them a lot happier knowing that they are being looked after. They also get an accurate timetable on when they can expect their parcel. An added bonus is that they’re not paying for shipping that is overpriced and underwhelming.

Make It Work For You

You can make these Etsy shipping tips work for you to help you in your Etsy business. Your customers deserve the best possible service, and they can get that from your use of Etsy!

Customers know that they have to pay for shipping on Etsy, so you can make it work for you when you use it. Keep all the supplies that you need on hand, you can buy Cheap Zebra, Dymo & Avery Compatible labels online at an affordable price from

Make sure you accurately weigh and measure your packages. Do a trial run of shipping every different item in your Etsy shop. Keep the supplies you need on hand.

You don’t want a hold up on shipping supplies to contribute to missing a shipping deadline.

Use the handling fee to build in that profit buffer to keep you competitive without hurting your bottom line.

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