Ultimate Hacking Keyboard to Make You More Productive & Less Fatigued

People with desk jobs cannot simply avoid the use of computer keyboards, but poor computer use for long periods doesn’t just discomfort but may cause an injury. That’s the reason, doctors advise to take regular breaks and do stretching exercises for the muscles involved.

Well, the discomfort of using computer is beyond the pain in hands and wrist, especially for those who use it for longer hours, i.e. writer, programmers and gamers. Yes, it’s the low productivity when you move a finger from the home row to another one. It’s not just a discomfort to stretch you hand, but the lost keys, wrongly typed letters and a lot more.

So, if you are really concerned about the productivity and of course fitness, check out this Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.

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The keyboard as it splits into two halves that are connected by a cable, allows you to find a more natural typing posture by positioning.

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The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard by the Hungarian startup Ultimate Gadget Laboratories doesn’t have the number pad or F-keys, making it more compact. The special custom layout lets you control your media and mouse without leaving the home row. Gamers and coders can set up macros and application-specific key mappings.

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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard in Their Own Words:

A fully programmable, impeccably built, split mechanical keyboard – designed for extreme productivity and ergonomics. The keyboard for professionals increases your productivity by never leaving the home row, improve your posture by typing on two, separate – keyboard halves and remaps your keys in any way you want.

Experience how a keyboard can be different, yet familiar.

What Brings Ultimate Hacking Keyboard to the Spotlight:

It improves productivity while eliminating the hand fatigue.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Website: https://www.crowdsupply.com/ugl/ultimate-hacking-keyboard?r=ph