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ULU; Connected Car Solution for Smart Mobility

Fleet management industry is marked by various problems including passage safety concerns, high maintenance costs and lack of accountability and thus efficient and effective fleet management solution is required to address these concerns.

ULU is an ideal solution for fleet management and is suitable for both businesses and customers. It allows users to bring more efficiency in their operations, prepare new business models and leverage the connected car technology, thereby it suits various industries including car dealerships, car leasing and insurance companies, app developers and many others.

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The smart mobility of the app supports all major operating system including iOS, Android and web platforms and allows you full control over your fleet in a simple and easy to use interface.

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It comes with an OBD dongle which is connected via cellular network that provides a seamless connection. The mobile and web applications that comes with the device monitor the data of the car letting you know where your cars are located, how they are being used and what is the health of your fleet.

It also notifies you about the critical issues so you can respond to them on time. Further, drivers can be engaged and guided via mobile app that surely enhances performance!

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Considering its nominal cost, ULU will provide a great return on investment in terms of saving on the fuel and maintenance costs, improving the behaviors and accountability of drivers and enhancing overall business efficiency.

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ULU in Their Own Words:

The ULU solution is an out of the box connected car solution targeted both at consumers and businesses. It consists of an OBD dongle with an always on cellular connection, Mobile apps and Web applications, to automate track and trace, trip logging, monitor vehicle health, improve driving behaviour, monitor how your car is used, when you are not behind the wheel and save on vehicle costs.

All data is collected and interpreted with intelligent algorithms in the ULU cloud and transformed to mobility related information, such as personal mobility advice to consumers, customer risk profiles for insurance companies, predictive maintenance for leasing companies and more.

What Brings ULU to the Spotlight:

Connected car solution for businesses and consumers offering smart mobility.

ULU Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.