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4 Underrated Promotional Products that are Actually Genius

If you’ve ever attended a conference, swag bags, totes, and even branded USB drives are probably familiar items. Businesses give away promotional items during events and gatherings with their logo, brand name, offering details, or fun messages.

4 Underrated Promotional Products that are Actually Genius

Branded merchandise is an excellent way of brand recall, which businesses often overlook, not understanding that branded products can serve as business cards, foster customer loyalty, and act as a reminder for their customers.

However, there’s variety in promotional products. Some are merely for aesthetics or advertisements. But, there are a few everyday promo products that are under-rated but serve significant functions. And if a customer or client reaches for your branded item daily out of its usefulness, it’s a win for you.

Office Equipment

Personalized office equipment has always been one of the most useful branded merchandise. With the rise of remote work, the demand for functional office equipment is on the rise.

Take pens, for example. Everyone uses personalized pens daily for taking meeting notes, leaving sticky reminders, or drafting checklists. Plus, pens are a cost-effective option. Every time a customer picks up the pen to jot down something, they’ll think of you. Pens nicely compliment a branded notebook or planner. Or, you can also consider giving branded coffee mugs, USB drives, cell phone accessories, etc.

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Like pens, clothes are a necessity, perfect for every type of customer or client.

The love for non-conformity and desire to stand out in the crowd has brought in a whole new concept of personalization in clothing. Whether monogrammed or screen printed, it is fun to own and wear personalized attire. Be it a t-shirt, hats, jackets, or sweatshirts, personalized attire add a fun element and makes one stand out in the crowd.

Personalized attire can have name initials, messages, logo, or fun characters. Gen Z and millennials especially are attracted to personalized jewelry, accessories, and other wearables. If your target audience is this generation, customized clothing will be good promotional merchandise to offer.


Branded drinkware is another relevant and useful merchandise to give out. With more people infusing fitness regimes in their daily routine, branded water bottles, sippers, protein shakers make great promotional items.

Another option is vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles, which are environment-friendly and keep drinks at ideal temperatures. Customized tea and coffee tumblers may also come in handy for your customers. With so many drinkware options available for branding, offering promotional drinkware is a no-brainer.

Miscellaneous Products

There are a plethora of options when it comes to branded merchandise that customers and clients will actually make use of.

Offer themed giveaways that are apt for the season and your brand. Themed giveaways are excellent in showcasing the versatility of your brand. For example, if the holiday season is approaching, consider giving away branded blankets where the recipient can curl up on a cozy winter night. If you’re hosting an event during a rainy season, branded umbrellas are a thoughtful promo product to give away.

You may also consider offering other daily use promo products like bags, lip balms, bottle openers, and more for customers to think about your company every time they reach for them.

Useful Promo Products Can Take You a Long Way

Promotional merchandise is a great way to increase brand awareness. This marketing method works well, especially for small businesses that do not have the capital to run extensive advertising campaigns. When such useful products, like pens or a mug, reach a recipient’s house or office, they’ll be used repeatedly, reminding the client of your business each time. While not all promo products bring in customers immediately, they may help to foster brand recognition and customer loyalty.


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