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Understanding Google Local Pack

Local terms like ‘plumbing in Orlando’ account for nearly half of all queries in Google Search.

Sixty-four percent of consumers use the search engine giant to find business addresses and contact details. And over half visit a physical store after searching online.

Part of that local SEO marketing success rests on the Google Local Pack. The top three local companies get placed above the organic results next to an interactive map.

How did they get there and how can you make the best use of the Google Local Pack service?

Read on to discover how local Google ranking works. Learn how to create a listing on Google My Business. And see how the right SEO agency can assist your marketing strategy.

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What Is Google Local Pack?

Visit Google Search and query the keyword ‘taxi near me.

Notice the results. See the map and three firms with their contact details, review stars, and direction links? This is the Google Local Pack and it can send some serious website traffic your way.

Many interactive features Google adds are termed packs.

Packs aim to help users by placing content in one place. In the case of the Google Local Pack, the goal is to present the top websites that match a local search term.

But what exactly is a local search term?

Local SEO and Google Maps

Google recognizes certain keywords as being geographically close to your current location.

For example, the phrase ‘near me’ is a local keyword. Adding a place name like Florida is a local phrase. Even using a street address produces more accurate results.

Google integrates Google Maps into its search pages when you use a local query.

Google Maps provides a fully interactive experience and goes beyond displaying a simple road layout. You can ask for driving instructions and show fuel stations along the way. You can also use the 3D Street View to plan your journey as if you were actually there.

Google Local Pack Promotion

The Google Local Pack includes a map and related services. It promotes the top three, even above the free listings/organic search results.

SEO experts agree that local internet marketing services like the Local Pack can generate huge amounts of traffic. The question is how do you get on that list?

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service to help you add your company’s details to Google’s network.

Visit the link, sign up with your Google account, and add your business information. Be sure to include your:

  • Phone number
  • Physical and website addresses
  • Store opening times
  • Photos and specific details

GMB profiles appear when someone searches your business name. It keeps track of interactions like phone button clicks and requested directions. And it plays a part when listing on the Local Pack.

Optimization Tips for Google Local Pack

Google uses relevance, distance, and prominence to decide who gets onto the Local Pack.

Ensure your website is SEO optimized as well as your My Business profile. Include your physical address on your site too. And try to gain links from reputable third-party sites, something an SEO agency can help with.

Google Ranking and SEO Agency Advice

Google Local Pack provides a unique opportunity for your business to rise to the first page on Google Search.

Listing your business details on Google My Business is the first step. Working alongside the right SEO agency will boost your local organic rankings. Over time, you might join the elite and see a surge in visitor traffic.

Read more about Google maps and local SEO on our blog.


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.