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Think Outside the Box: 5 Unique Marketing Ideas

Are you aware that there are almost 32 million small businesses within the United States?

This is one reason why marketing is so difficult. Without the right strategy, your brand’s voice can easily be squelched by the many other competitors out there. This is why it’s so crucial to do something new rather than the same old and tired strategies.

Are you wondering what you could do? Keep reading to learn all about 5 unique marketing ideas that can have you thinking outside the box.

1. Launch a High-Quality Podcast

When it comes to unique ideas for marketing, you should consider launching a podcast to promote your brand. The world of YouTube, for instance, has already become saturated. However, there are much fewer podcasts out there than you might imagine.

By releasing high-quality and informative episodes on topics related to your brand, you can build a large and loyal following over time.

2. Samples From Your Online Store

Few unique online marketing ideas are as effective as allowing customers to try out your product in person. One of the main reasons customers are so hesitant to buy things online is due to an inability to try the product out. You could either give them a free trial or send them test samples.

Either way, you’re sure to win over more than a few customers who were on the fence.

3. Create a Unique Social Media Filter

Do you want even more unique b2b marketing ideas? There are many influencers out there who could promote your product or service to their loyal audience. While this idea isn’t entirely new, you can enhance the effectiveness by creating an official filter that the influence can use when posting content.

You could also make the filter available to general users who love your brand.

4. Sponsor a Mural

Are you itching for some unique event marketing ideas? If you’re hosting an event in a park, for instance, you could sponsor an epic mural.

This will increase the number of attendees because they’ll all be excited about the big unveiling at the event.

5. Work With a Food Truck

Who doesn’t love a good food truck? Whether you’re advertising a sale or having a grand opening, you could work with a food truck by offering them a space near your storefront.

The delicious smell is sure to attract many new customers. To pair your strategies with buck slips, visit here.

Ready to Use These Unique Marketing Ideas?

Now that you’ve learned about 5 unique marketing ideas, you and your team can start thinking outside the box more than ever before. You’re sure to reach a whole new level of exposure for your brand. Don’t forget to change things up so that your marketing efforts don’t stagnate over time.

You can always keep things fresh when you follow our blog. We cover a wide variety of topics, including marketing, finance, business services, and so much more. By spending time with our content each day, you’ll be bursting with creative strategies.

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