Upgrade Your Dress Shirts with Million Dollar Collar

Being in style can not just make your day, but can also boost your entrepreneurial spirit. The most prominent part of your dress shirt is the collar. No matter what style and shape of collar you prefer to wear, it must have that awesome crisp. Without a proper collar crisp, highest quality dress shirt may not even create an impact.

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That’s the reason for having a collar stay; it’s a must to keep the shape of your collar intact and there are various collar stays available, i.e. plastic, stainless steel, gold and so on. One may choose an option depending upon the budget, but many times, they may not go with all shirts, so you need something that is permanently installed in the shirt and goes with the life of the shirt.

Rob Kessler developed a permanent solution by identifying that collar is actually too heavy for the placket to support. So, it’s the placket that needs fixing, not the collar! The best way is to reinforce the placket for the life of your shirt and that’s what we call Million Dollar Collar. Get it installed by the dry cleaner or tailor and enjoy flop free days forever!

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It’s surely a smart idea to give life to your dress shirts ans stay in style. One set is available for $4.5, but the price per set goes down when you buy more.

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Ideally, Million Dollar Collar is a need to everyone, everywhere, be it a business meeting or a wedding! But, all those designers and tailors who want to deliver the best value to their customers must have it!

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Million Dollar Collar in Their Own Words:

Million Dollar Collar is permanently installed by a tailor/dry-cleaner into any shirt you already own and lasts the life of your shirt. No amount of starch, magic button placement or kitschy collar stay can keep your placket where it was always intended to be.

Dress shirts have a fundamental design flaw. The collar is too heavy for the placket to support. By reinforcing the button/buttonhole part of the shirt, you give the wearer a much more sophisticated business causal appearance. Yes, you can still wear a tie, but when you inevitably take it off, your shirt won’t crumble in to a wrinkled mess.

What Brings Million Dollar Collar to the Spotlight:

The biggest advancement in dress shirts, since the collar stay!

Million Dollar Collar Website: http://milliondollarcollar.com