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5 Times to Use Video in Your Business

There’s no doubt that video marketing is the future. Over half of consumers say that they want to see more videos online from the brands that they support, and 87% of marketers now use video as part of their marketing strategy.

5 Times to Use Video in Your Business

With the rapid rise in the popularity of videos, it seems fair to say that every business could benefit from including more video production in their marketing strategies.

But if your business has never used video before, you might unsure where to start.  How do you go about creating engaging videos that are going to benefit your business?

Even if you don’t have an in-house team of people to film and edit their videos, you can still reap the benefits of video marketing with companies like Zipinmedia who can produce professional videos for you to use in your online content.

From here, you will need to know where is best to use these videos in your digital content. Here are five times that are perfect to use videos in your business.

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1. On Your Website

Your website is one of the first things that many of your potential customers will see when they find your business. Videos can be used to immediately grab their attention and keep their eyes on your content. This helps you attract and retain new customers.

You can showcase your products through video production too. On your product pages, demo your items or have a video showing one of your employees modeling your clothing. People are much more likely to trust a product if they can see a video of it.

You may also wish to use a video on your landing pages to give people a final push to sign up for your newsletter or a pre-order. If you have a blog on your site, video can be used to break up large blocks of text to keep your readers engaged.

2. On Social Media

Platforms like YouTube and TikTok are dominating the online video space, and both are seeing incredible growth at the moment because video content is now a favorite for consumers.

Even Instagram, which started off as a photo-sharing app, is now moving more towards video content.

You can use videos on your social media channels to show behind-the-scenes and give your audience a taste of what goes on within your business. This is a great way to connect to your audience on a more human level and show your brand’s personality.

Similarly, you can film weekly videos answering your customer’s questions or sharing important industry tips and tricks. The idea is to share the content in an engaging and creative way to maximize returns.

Decide which platform is most effective for your business. Would the long-form videos on YouTube be best? Do you think your brand could thrive doing trends on TikTok? Would Instagram’s IGTV be best to target the right demographic?

3. During a Conference

If you regularly host conferences or important meetings, including videos in your presentations can lighten the mood. Incorporate some entertaining branded videos to keep your clients engaged and make their meetings more fun.

Additionally, you can use videos to communicate with your employees in a unique way, whether it’s during an onboarding session for new employees, a mandatory training session for existing employees, or the introduction of new executives or directors within the business.

4. In Your Email Marketing

Customers are much more likely to engage with an email than they are with an online ad. If you have built a large email list, don’t forget to embed videos within your emails to immediately capture the attention of your subscribers.

This video can include a demo of your latest product or a behind-the-scenes look at the production of these products. Or maybe some of your employees can get together and make a video thanking your customers for all of their support.

Showing your appreciation through video format is a great way to increase the trust and connection you have with your audience.

5. At a Company Event

On a similar note, if you plan to host a company event, video is the way to go. When you’ve got large crowds of people, including your clients, partners, and employees, playing an engaging video will capture their attention and enable you to spread a specific message.

You can highlight your achievements to make your employees feel proud to be a part of the company. You could showcase your recent products to encourage potential partners to sign the dotted line.


There are so many ways to include positive information into your videos in a natural and entertaining way without feeling pushy or ‘salesy’.


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