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Useful Tips to Crack JEE Main Exam

It is said that success is something that not only requires hard work and dedication but also requires the correct strategy and planning. Such is the case with the exam known as JEE mains, which is conducted for admissions into various prestigious engineering institutions in the country.

It is a dream for students to crack the JEE main exam and build up their dream careers.

It is a known fact that every student who is in class 12th appears in this exam and wishes to get into a good engineering college, which increases the completion immensely, the number of students appearing for JEE main number up to almost 10 lakh each year.

We can conclude that there is a cut-throat competition that requires a correct plan so that students can do well in such an important phase of their life.

Below are some tips so that the students can strategize their preparation in the correct way and do well:

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Segregate Topics by Weightage

First and foremost, it is required for all the students to write down all the topics separately for all subjects, i.e. physics, chemistry, and math, and write down the weightage for each topic and analyze the topics which carry more marks and which carry lesser marks compared to others.

This will give you an idea of the pattern followed in the question paper.

Plan Out the Strategy

When you have gained an idea of the marks carried by each topic, you should then decide on the way you are going to manage your days so that you can prepare your syllabus effectively.

You must manage your time such that you can complete all the important topics carrying more marks first so that there is a good chance of you getting through with the exam.

Clear Basic Concepts

As we all know that the JEE mains question paper consists of all kinds of questions, be it easy or hard. It is required that before the students go to difficult questions, they must first clear their basics and complete questions of a lower difficulty level.

This will increase the level of confidence of the students and they will be able to have a positive attitude.

Prepare Short Notes

It is extremely important that while students are preparing their topics, they must simultaneously prepare short notes, which means that they have to prepare a revision summary of each important chapter that contains important formulas or short tricks used to solve numerically.

 Revise Before Moving Forward

It is very important for students to revise what they have previously prepared as this helps them retain their knowledge. It is often seen that when students just keep learning new topics and they do not go back to what they have studied previously, they tend to easily forget the most relevant and important information; therefore, it is very important to revise before you move further.

Always Test Yourself

Whenever the students learn a new topic, it should be in their habits that they test themselves for the knowledge they have gained through the learning process. This can be done by practicing a wide variety of questions on a particular topic and then analyzing your accuracy and knowing your weak points.

This will help you improve and this will also reduce your chances of making mistakes on the day of the exam.  The students must also practice the previous years’ JEE main questions as this will give them a proper idea of the paper pattern. You can check out the JEE Main 2021 Answer Key & Paper Solution here.

Prevent Getting Exhausted

It is extremely important for the students that during their preparation time they do not get exhausted and stress out themselves. It is equally important that while you prepare for the exam you must also take care of your mental health as this exam called JEE mains can definitely take a toll on your mind which decreases your chances to score good marks.

It is seen that students usually cut themselves off from the outside world while they prepare for these competitive exams; they tend to distance themselves from their friends and avoid talking to them, which further increases their stress levels.

So, it is necessary that students must not distance themselves from their friends and family but instead talk more and more about their fears and release their negative energies, which will help them to relax and do well.

Set Small Daily Goals

The students must realize that they have to be realistic while they plan out their entire day; the students must not go overboard with their daily goals and should always try to make their timetables keeping in mind their stamina and their capacity to retain knowledge.

It should also be kept in mind that students should study different topics from multiple subjects in a single day, this will prevent them from getting bored as studying a single subject for the whole day may make them lose interest.

Take Breaks

While the students make their timetables they must realize that they are humans and need rest as well and therefore, it is necessary that students must include study breaks into their schedules where you can take a short walk or eat something nice which can lift up your mood.

This will allow the students to replenish their energy so that they can prepare with even more dedication.

Look Out for Your Diet

Preparing for such an important national level examination is surely a stressful task and the stress causes the student to neglect their daily need for nutrition, which causes them to usually get into the habit of munching upon junk food, which eventually causes them to become lazy and sometimes even sick. So, it is required that students must include healthy foods in their diet.

Complete Your Syllabus in Advance

The students must focus on completing their syllabus at least a month in advance so that they can do sufficient revision and also appear for mock tests so that they get used to the pattern of the exam.

So, we can very well say that JEE main is not an easy task, but with the correct strategy one can definitely make it through and you can follow the above-mentioned tips to plan your strategy for the exam.


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