Using an Online Time Clock to Track Employee Hours

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Businesses that are not good at managing employee working hours actually create a series of problems which lead to low productivity. Most of the times, the deadlines are not met. And, in other cases employees have to spend a lot of extra time to meet deadlines which makes them tired and frustrated.

Well, managing employees working hours is not that easy and you may need a dedicated person to keep a track of everything. However, a software like Time Clock Hub, can make it super easy and more accurate. It’s an online clock in system.

employee time management

The online clock-in system means that your employees will be able to clock in from practically any location, i.e. all the computers in your office. You can also designate only certain computers as clock-in stations.

Forget the idea of hiring someone for employee time tracking or doing the laborious tasks yourself. With online employee time tracking you can maintain an accurate record of all employee hours worked without any hassle. Hence you can generate accurate payroll records in no time.

That’s not all; Time Clock Hub can ease the pain of managing rotating schedules as well. Whether you have to deal with holidays, employee leave-of-absence, shift-change requests or just any other type of time-off requests, let your employees take an active role in the schedule development. Using the software, your employees can request time-off or schedule-change; the requests are sent to the manager for approval, making the process smooth and error free.

employee management 2

Managers can also customize special alerts to effectively monitor employee activity, i.e. notification of an employee clocks in late, clocks out early, or doesn’t clock in at all.

It’s not just about increasing productivity alone but also saving costs, i.e. you save salary of an admin/account assistant as well as the overpayments to employees due to inaccurate calculations.

Since, it’s free to use; startups and small businesses must give it a try.

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