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Using Tech to Make Your Business Travel Easier

Business traveler—it sounds quite exotic when you first mention it at a party, but after a while, you begin to wonder. What with the stress, the inevitable failures of deals, and the frustration of living between airport lounge and hotel room, you ask yourself if there isn’t a better way to make a living. But all is not lost. Technology can make the whole thing easier, and the sooner you start to use it the better.

Meeting Matters

Punctuality is said to be the politeness of princes, and turning up at a meeting on time makes a crucially good impression. Your smartphone map is all you need today to arrive at where you have to be without getting lost. It will also tell you about any hold-ups on the way so that you can re-route or set off early.

In addition, you can always rely on your phone to update to the local time zone. Arriving jet-lagged in Boston from Europe or Los Angeles, it is reassuring to know that your phone will get you to your appointments on schedule.

Hotel Choice

Some travelers dislike sticking with one chain of hotels, preferring the challenge of finding somewhere new on each trip. However, there are advantages in using a chain you trust:

  • You know what to expect.
  • You can build up reward points.
  • You can use a dedicated app to book and manage your room.

Marriot hotels, for instance, offer variety, a good rewards scheme, and a helpful app. Just search for the Boston Marriott and you can make a booking in minutes.

Efficient Work Time

Technology has made a huge difference to the way time is used by business travelers. They can make contact with their work base whenever they need to—the downside is that the work base can also contact them! Skype calls make discussion with colleagues much more natural. The phone also enables them to speak to clients at all times.

Connectivity in hotels and planes means that what could be a tedious time flicking through anodyne TV channels can be turned into something a lot more productive.

Efficient Down Time

It is not all about work. You also need proper relaxation. With a smartphone in your hand, you can make easy contact with family and friends to let off steam and catch up on news.

It will also help you to make the most of leisure time. In a city like Boston, there is a lot to be said for walking around the city, and your phone can tell you about some of the things you pass on the way. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the great historical sites and museums of the nation.

Business Travel Can be Good!

There are plenty of frustrations that come with traveling for your job, but there are also some genuine perks. You see amazing places and meet interesting people. The technology you carry can smooth away some of the frustrations and help you to maximize some of the benefits.

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