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Tips For Using Video to Promote Your Startup

Video can be an excellent way to catch people’s attention and give them the information they might not otherwise take the time to absorb. Many people would rather watch something than read a text.

Video can feel both casual and intimate; when you’re good at it, it can make the viewer feel as though you are talking directly to them. The tips below can help you use this medium in your startup.

The Background

First, if you want to be a startup success, it’s still a good idea to get a degree. Depending on the industry that you want to work in, a major in a field such as economics, business, or computer science, among others, can teach you a great deal.

Alongside the classes required for your major, you could also dip into other departments, learn from reliable video production companies like Standby Productions, or take classes in such topics as communication, psychology, advertising, digital marketing, and video editing.

You can pay for your degree with financial aid and other sources, such as Earnest student loans, which you can apply for and get a decision on quickly. Your education will give you the underpinnings of knowledge that you need for success.

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Ask Questions

When it comes time to make your first video–which you can do while you are still in school–there are several questions you should ask yourself first. What do you hope to accomplish with your video?

Do you want to launch a product, drive awareness of your brand, or inform your audience about something else? What is your goal? Who is your audience? Where will you post the video? How much do you expect to spend on it?

To Script or Not to Script

Do you need a script? The answer is it really depends. If your brand is to be an outdoors person who helps people decide what kind of gear to buy for kayaking or skiing, you may want to talk largely off the cuff as long as you are good at this.

However, even in that instance, you might want at least an outline to help make sure you cover all the points and stay on track.

For other types of business in which you as a personality are not front and center, you may need a script. If you struggle with writing or delivering the information in the script effectively, it could be time to hire a writer and actors.

Consider Your Options

Whether you will create and edit the video yourself will depend upon several different factors, including your experience and interest in doing this kind of work and your budget.

A good way to figure out the approach that you want to take is to see what other creators you admire are doing. You may notice that some approach the use of video to promote their brand as a kind of learning opportunity.

This can be particularly true if you as an individual are central to your brand. Your audience is more likely to forgive you as you go through a learning curve.

However, if your brand is less about you and more about a product or service, you may need for your video to look more polished and professionally produced out of the gate.


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