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Idea validation is an important step before starting working on the real product/service. Exposing the idea to your target audience reveals many factors which can contribute to the success of the idea.

Once, you have a business idea ready to pitch, do not pitch it to friends and family; seek random opinions from target audience. Though, there are many ways to validate your business idea, but the best way is face-to-face/in person communication with the end user.

Experts suggest creating a lading page and advertising your idea using Google Adwords and other paid methods. Entrepreneurs being backed by a good funding source can surely do so, but most of the future entrepreneurs cannot afford time and money for building landing pages and paid advertising!

IHaveAnIdea.Rocks is life saver for all those future entrepreneurs; it doesn’t just cuts the costs but also helps you in generating interest in your idea. All you need to do is to submit your idea using a simple form and start receiving immediate feedback.

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The people who like your idea are your first supporters; and you’ll be able to get their email when you are ready to have them on board!

It’s simply an awesome platform for entrepreneurs who are determined to build something valuable for real people!

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IHaveAnIdea.Rocks in Their Own Words:

The world is full of people who want to create a start-up but don’t know how to do it. HaveAnIdea.Rocks will be a virtual incubator in which anyone can post their project, validate their idea, receive feedback from a community of peers and get the first early adopters.

The platform will help future entrepreneur by offering a space where they can submit ideas, discuss, receive feedback and learn how to create a Start-Up.


What Brings IHaveAnIdea.Rocks to the Spotlight:

It helps entrepreneurs to build a business that can’t be ignored.


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