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10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners

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To be a superstar in today’s world, you don’t have to rely on being featured in magazines or on television. All you need is a good phone with video, a laptop, a camera, and access to the internet.

10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners

Video content on the internet spreads like wildfire; most videos on social media platforms trigger content to be shared up to 12 times than text and picture content.

It’s estimated that one-third of the users on the internet spend their time watching videos. Plus, it’s shown that typical marketers have grown revenue up to 49% faster with videos than those who don’t.

Well, those are just a few benefits out of many to start shooting and editing content. But the truth is that you need to find the right platform, produce the right content, and use the best video editing software out there for you to rise to fame and become an internet sensation overnight.

One of the easiest platforms to monetize and grow your business is YouTube. You can’t just create any type of content; you need to know what is popular and what is up and coming.

However, it can’t just be any content, though; you have to know the right content to create and have the right editing software for youtube available.

The best way to do this is by looking at the existing trends and cultures where they produce regular and insightful reports on the types of videos that are becoming popular.

So, now you have the content part, that’s simple. But next up, you need to make sure the video you filmed looks cool and has the right features and effects of going viral on YouTube.

To gain views, you can’t just be a rookie and upload your video straight from your device. You have to spend time video editing for youtube.

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Editing might seem like a professional’s job, but the truth is there’s many YouTube video editing software to look like a professional.

10 Best Video Editing Software

1. Shotcut

If you’re looking for fantastic free video editing software for desktop, then you might want to use Shotcut.

Shotcut is flexible software available for Linux, Windows, and OS X. Shortcut supports many types of file formats for audio and video footage.

The software is similar to many editing software for YouTube out there; you simply upload your audio and video to a timeline and apply effects and subtitles to each section.

Then once done, you can convert it into a video file to upload to YouTube.

Advantages of Shotcut

Accepts a large range of file formats

Has cross-platform functionality

Different audio features such as bass, treble, high pass, copy channel, expander, and swap channels

The menu on Shotcut is customizable

Disadvantages of Shotcut

Only available for desktop, you can’t access the software on mobile

You can’t preview the filters before using them

You can’t share your videos directly to YouTube or other sites

It was built for Linux, so the interface is a bit uncomfortable to use on other platforms

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

If you wish to try the software before you buy it, then Adobe Premiere Pro gives you an insight into what’s the software all about before you buy it. This video editing software is suitable for social media platforms, film footage, and TV.

This software enables you to edit various forms of footage in any format. Plus, it also works in sync with other Adobe apps like Adobe Photoshop, Audition, After Effects, and Adobe Stock.  Additionally, there are also useful tools like Film Impact to make video editing easier.

It not only works on desktops but also is available on mobile devices.

Advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

A large variety of tools, features, and plugins

Integrates with other Adobe software

Library and plugin support

Can upload multiple videos into the software

Attractive interface

Disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

It’s expensive to own the license, and the free trial is limited

Slow video rendering

Difficult to add titles

3. Apple iMovie

Developed by Apple for iOS, Mac, and iPad is the video editing software Apple iMovie. This software is free to use and has over 80 soundtracks, and even supports footage up to 4K! It also allows you to add effects, titles, and sounds. It’s an easy-to-follow software that can allow beginners to edit videos, letting them look like a pro.

Advantages of Apple iMovie

You can easily upload from the software to social media

The interface is sleek and user friendly

It has an auto-save feature

Can trim start and end of the video

Disadvantages of Apple iMovie

Software is limited to Apple devices

Little text and headline options

It takes a long time to export videos

4. Lightworks

Lightworks is a cross-platform video editing software available to use on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

This video editing software has been around for 25 years now. All the versions are downloadable on the site.

The film industry regularly uses Lightworks, which means anyone from bloggers, editors, sound engineers, and camera operators use it. The software is also based on the cloud and won the 2017 Emmy Award for digital nonlinear editing.

Advantages of Lightworks

Directly export videos to YouTube

Good for managing your content

Can tolerate many video formats, even 4K

Multichannel support

Disadvantages of Lightworks

The free version only allows exporting of an MP4 file to YouTube

You have to pay to use the pro version

The management system can be difficult to understand

5. Final Cut Pro X

Published by Apple Inc, is the video software known as Final Cut Pro X. This software has similarities to iMovie and is for macOS. It has multi-camera editing features, which allows you to view up to 16 angles in one go.

Plus, this editor integrates with Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also export it in a range of different formats.

Advantages of Final Cut Pro X

Has a range of plugins available

Multi-camera editing

Can preview an effect before adding it

High resolution

Disadvantages of Final Cut Pro X

It’s expensive

Limited to Apple products

6. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus is good video editing software to use from anywhere if you want to undergo remote work or distance learning. It’s popular with over 3 million users in over 200 countries. Its simple interface will allow you to learn quickly and use it with ease.

You can find more details about this video editor on the site.

Advantages of Movavi Video Editor

It’s available for Windows and macOS

It has a library full of stock photos, video, and audio

Allows recording from webcams and mics

Advanced effects in a simple interface

Disadvantages of Movavi Video Editor

Slower rendering

7. HitFilm Express

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video software, then you may want to consider HitFilm Express. It’s free to download and comes with many ready-made templates to help you edit your videos easily and effectively.

Plus, there is a free version that you can get for Mac and Windows. It also allows you to export your video into many different formats.

Advantages of HitFilm Express

Can animate 3D models

Has different lighting effects

Can choose from a range of titles

Disadvantages of HitFilm Express

It’s only web-based; you can’t use it on your mobile

The export speed is low

You have to purchase additional features to enhance your video

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is flexible video editing software as it’s available for mobiles and desktops. It’s free to use with lots of app features such as audio, graphic transitions, and animated titles.

The app also has tutorials that guide you through the software and teaches you tricks to effectively edit your videos. Similarly, they target YouTubers and bloggers as their main audience and have built their software around them.

Advantages of Adobe Premiere Rush

Simple and comfortable user interface

Tutorials to guide users

Optimized for social networks

Disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Rush

The free version is limited, and to access more features, you have to pay a monthly fee

Features are limited to process videos professionally

9. Corel Video Studio

Corel Video Studio is cross-platform software available for Apple and Android devices. It’s been designed for all types of skill levels and therefore is great to use for beginners.

You can edit videos in 4K and also export them directly to YouTube. Plus, it has a diverse range of editing features.

Advantages of Corel Video Studio

Royalty-free music library

4k, HD, and 360 video editing

It comes with templates and overlays

Split-screen video

Disadvantages of Corel Video Studio

It has a free version only for 30 days

Regularly needs to be updated

Little video demonstrations or tutorials

10. Blender

If your videos have more of a 3D focus, i.e., your content features more graphics, then Blender could be the software for you. It’s free to use and functional across many platforms. While using this software, you can do audio mixing and can benefit from live previews.

Advantages of Blender

You can do 3D modeling, rendering, and animating

Wide range of transitions and filters

In-depth timeline

Disadvantages of Blender

Cluttered menus and toolbars

Distracting interface

Difficulties synchronizing the audio and video

General tips for a good YouTube channel

So now you have an idea of the 10 best video editing software for YouTube out there. But, once you’ve recorded the video and edited it, you need to make the most of being a YouTube user.

That means making sure your channel is optimized for your target audience and full of insights. Now before you click upload, you may want to do the following.

1. Determine your goals for your YouTube channel

You might have already decided what niche you’re going to be in. But have you decided what the purpose of your channel is?

Do you want to inform people, make them laugh, or help them?

How many subscribers do you wish to obtain or views on your videos? Similarly, do competitor research and have a look to see what works well for them.

2. Create short videos

It’s 2021, and in today’s world, everyone is living a life on the go. There are so many distractions taking place; people have a limited attention span.

Until you know what works well for you, we suggest keeping your videos around 2-5 minutes long.

Remember, until you become popular, it’s most likely your views won’t know you.

They’re more likely to spend their time watching a short video, and then once you build up a fan base, you can make longer ones.

3. Pick your thumbnails carefully

The best way to market your video is through a thumbnail and a title. In fact, on the results page on YouTube, a thumbnail is often the first thing someone sees.

It means you have to use a captivating one that sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Be responsive

If you have many people that comment on your videos, the best thing to do is engage with them.

After all, your subscribers or YouTube users will want to see that there’s a face behind the account.

The more you engage, the more trust and a better relationship you will build with them, which will allow them to come back and visit your channel.

5. Plan your videos

Sometimes your creativity may be killed, or you may be stuck for content to provide for your users. The best thing to do now and again is browse videos and write down ideas for your own, including the titles.

Planning your videos will also allow you to look at your competitors and see how you can produce better content.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a fantastic place to grow your brand, business, and rise to fame. You don’t have to be a professional to be successful on YouTube.

All you need to do is look at the trending content, shoot a video and use good video editing software to make you look like an expert.

In addition to this, it would be great if you produce short videos until your subscriber list grows; you’ll want to engage with your users too.


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