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How to Nail Your Video Email Marketing: 5 Hacks for Beginners

Video email marketing is a unique kind of outreach effort that works best with people who are already invested in your company. People open their email and see a message from a company they shopped with before. They can passively watch the video, knowing what to expect from your brand.

How to Nail Your Video Email Marketing

It helps create more excitement for your company and makes people more engaged with your products. It can boost sales of new services and products, and it keeps people informed about your business.

Keep reading below to learn how to nail a video marketing campaign!

1. Video Email Marketing Starts With a Good CTA

Watching a video, regardless of whether it’s in an email or on YouTube, is a kind of commitment. It takes time to get through the whole video, and staying engaged can be hard for some people. The only way to get through a whole video is if people are invested in it already.

To get people invested in your video, you need to create a good opening statement in your email. Show them why the video is so important to them, and what they can learn from it. Most of all, make the first few seconds of your video the most informative and engaging of the whole thing.

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2. Know What You Want to Achieve With Your Email

Before getting started in video email marketing, know exactly what you want to achieve. If you’re a business, video email marketing may be a good way to show off new products to existing customers. But if you’re an individual, it may be worthwhile to create a business card video.

Whether you just want to get your name out there or show why a new product is the best, make sure to know exactly what you want to achieve. Without a clear direction, people may not be compelled to watch your video.

3. Embedding Video for Email Marketing Can Be Costly

In the olden days of email marketing, people would embed video directly into the message. People could click on it and immediately watch the video. However, times have changed and many email clients may automatically think messages with embedded videos are spam.

Now, most people create an image that looks like a thumbnail people can click on to play an embedded video. They make sure the “play” symbol is clear and upfront. That way, the audience knows the image leads to a video.

Instead of being embedded though, it’s just linked to a video on another webpage.

4. Videos Should Strike a Personal Tone

When making your video, you should be upfront and personal with your audience. Introduce yourself, and let viewers know what you’ll be talking about in the video. And if you’re showing off a product, make sure to name it and show it in the first few seconds.

If you connect with people directly, they will be invested in more than just the video. They will also be invested in your company.

5. Videos Are Most Effective With Existing Customers

Video marketing is a second-stage strategy in marketing — you shouldn’t start out with video marketing. It’s most effective at converting existing customers, instead of attracting new customers to your company. Trying to reach new people through your videos may not be as effective as SEO writing or social media marketing.

Nail Your Next Video Email Marketing Campaign

Video email marketing is an important part of making people more interested in upcoming products. It engages with people in ways that blog writing and social media marketing can’t. It also keeps them informed about what is happening in your company.

Succeeding in your video email marketing campaign just takes dedication and work. To learn more about how to make the videos, just keep reading our website!


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