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Why Video Is Key to Marketing Success in 2023

If you entered a room full of random people, you’ll find that about 80% of them are visual learners and gain better insights when presented with data in the visual form.

Even if you looked at kids in general, most schools are now adopting powerpoint and video-based classes for almost all subjects, because children, just like adults, are visual thinkers for the most part.

This is primarily because our brains are attuned to receiving information faster when it’s presented to us in the visual form, especially since we’re living in an era that’s becoming increasingly digital and visual on a daily basis.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can boost your marketing and sales targets by using the same logic that’s mentioned above and including videos in your marketing strategies. Let’s get started!

Reach a Wide Audience

The key to success in any kind of brand marketing is the art of good storytelling.

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However, having a great story but using the wrong means to present it to the world can sometimes ruin your brand’s chances of success, because most people won’t take the time to read through a long essay which is not going to captivate them right from the start.

There’s an even less chance that the people who come across your content will take the time to send it to others they know if they aren’t impressed by it themselves.

However, a captivating brand video with an amazing story will get anyone’s attention, even if they view only the first 5 seconds of it.

Before you know it, your video is being passed around, and even making rounds with people who aren’t in your target audience because of the element of ‘entertainment’ that you’ve factored into your video.

Increase Traffic with SEO

Having video content automatically increases your chances of ranking better in all search engines. In this age, having great SEO on your page isn’t going to be enough to get you the results you’re looking for.

With new web pages increasing by the hour, you’ve got to do everything in your power (and more!) if you really want your web page to get pulled up faster and sooner before it gets buried under a million other pages.

The best way to ensure that this happens is by not only adding in video content but by adding subtitles to all your videos, which also increases the SEO of your page.

If you need help with transcription, you can get accurate text to video services at Reduct, and also reach a larger audience of non-native English speakers using great subtitles that make the video accessible to almost everyone!

Elevates User Experience

Not only does video marketing gain more traffic for your web page and increase your brand’s presence, but it also elevates the overall UX of your page by giving people a pleasurable experience when they come into contact with your page.

By producing both educational and help content in the form of a video, you’re making it easier for your users to understand and grasp what your service or brand is offering, without forcing them to read or sift through long and boring paragraphs which they may not even be able to understand.

Having great UX is important because it makes people want to come back and re-visit your page in the future, automatically turning your potential audience into users or customers of your product or service.


Due to the reasons mentioned above, video content marketing (with proper subtitles and SEO tags) is the way to go for any brand that’s trying to grow in 2023.


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