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Marketing Makeover: Video Marketing Benefits You Never Saw Coming

Around 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, which shows how effective this strategy is.

Video marketing lets you influence buying decisions and further your reach on social media. But that only scratches the surface as there are other advantages you may not know. Perhaps you’re still on the fence about investing in video marketing and you’re looking for advice on the matter.

Sounds familiar? No worries; we’ve got your back! Here are the top video marketing benefits.

Boosts SEO Ranking

One of the top benefits of video marketing is it boosts SEO ranking. As a result, customers are more likely to find your page and, hopefully, make a sale. Because of this, businesses want creative ways to entice customers, which is why video is so popular as it keeps viewers on your page for longer.

If you want to reap these benefits, find a reputable service like Kestum Bilt video production company to get started.

Get More Backlinks 

Another reason businesses need a video marketing strategy is to get more backlinks. This is because you embed a video onto your site. As a result, you quickly triple the number of linking domains that, again, will boost your SEO ranking.

Influences Buying Decisions 

Many businesses love video marketing because it influences customers’ buying decisions. Unlike images, you can show viewers how to use your products and leave a lasting impression. Because of this, customers will feel invested in your brand and buy a product, giving you an excellent return on investment.

Generates Leads

Interested in marketing tips? Then, use video to help generate leads. This breaks down the wall between you and customers so they become more inclined to make a purchase.

Improves Your Email Marketing Efforts 

Businesses can also use video to improve their marketing strategy. Instead of spending hours crafting copy, embed a how-to or promotional video to keep customers on your email. But make sure you include “video” in the subject line as it will boost click-through and open rates.

Videos Appear on More Social Feeds

Thanks to the popularity of TikTok, social media algorithms favor video content more than static posts. This means you should post your latest videos on every social media page so new customers will see them. Plus, users are more likely to stop and watch a video while they scroll, which again boosts your reach.

Available 24/7 

Unlike radio or TV ads, video marketing can benefit you around the clock. Users can watch your videos anywhere in the world and from any device. Because of this, you can potentially reach a global audience without them putting in any effort.

Know the Top Video Marketing Benefits

Hopefully, you’re sold on the video marketing benefits and how it can improve your business.

There are many advantages such as reaching audiences 24/7 and boosting your SEO ranking. You can also benefit from appearing on multiple social media platforms and gathering more backlinks. What’s not to love?

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