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4 Ways to Instantly Improve Small Business Video Marketing

The average adult now spends 6 hours per day watching video content. Wouldn’t it be great if your business’s content was somewhere in the mix?

4 Ways to Instantly Improve Small Business Video Marketing

Maybe your company already has a video marketing strategy, but you’re not quite seeing the results you hoped for. That’s okay, it’s not too late to make some essential changes!

Keep reading to learn about 4 ways that you can turn your small business video marketing around while growing consumer trust!

Stop Writings Sales Pitch Videos

To change your video marketing, you’ll need to change the way you think about video content creation.

The truth of the matter is that consumers are more skeptical about advertisements than ever before. 96% of consumers say they don’t trust ads anymore and find them off-putting.

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That doesn’t have to spell doom for your marketing plans, though. Instead, focus on entertaining and educating your audience instead of selling.

The biggest currencies in business today aren’t necessarily dollars and cents, but attention and trust. Your video marketing should work at building a relationship with your audience.

This article on video ad scripting puts it best, you need to show your audience the value of your business, not the products.

Once you can show your audience that you view them as more than walking wallets, you’ll earn the kind of customer loyalty that inspires repeat purchases and word-of-mouth advertising.

Repurpose Old Content

While we’re talking about changing up your content creation strategy, let’s talk about something every business struggles with at some point: Topic creation.

If you’re like most online video marketing teams, you’ve probably found yourself staring at a blank whiteboard hoping for topic ideas. But the answer has been under your nose all along!

Those old blog posts you published months (or even years) ago are perfect for revisiting in a video! So start going through your old blog posts and see what you can update.

Repurposing is affordable, easy, and great for turnaround time, so there’s no downside.

Keep It Short and Sweet

While people watch more video content than ever before, that doesn’t mean they’re watching every video in its entirety. On the contrary, most people don’t bother to finish an entire video, particularly if it’s over 10 minutes or so.

Therefore, you’ll want to keep your videos to about 3 to 4 minutes. The shorter and more digestible your content is, the better.

Share Your Content

You’ve worked hard on your small business video marketing strategies, so it’s only right that the world gets to see all of your effort in action!

Once you’ve published a new video, make sure to crosspost it to your social media channels. Not only will this increased visibility, but your social channels factor indirectly into your SEO, making social sharing a double-win.

Plus, your social media audience can be a great source of feedback and can offer some video marketing tips that you’d otherwise miss.

Change Your Small Business Video Marketing Strategy Today

There’s still plenty of time to reinforce your marketing strategy with great video content! Give these 4 suggestions a shot and let us know how they work out.

Remember, it’s all about honesty and building trust with your audience. Listen to their feedback and stay open to change.

For more tips on improving your small business video marketing or your marketing in general, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!


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