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7 Best Video Types to Promote Your Startup Business

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It’s well said that “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell.” Having an accurate video will not only help you achieve your marketing goals but also level up your trust with your customers. It would not be wrong to consider video as the best tool to grow your business. 

Types of Videos to Promote Your Business

Today, every marketer is looking forward to showcasing their words in the form of videos as it helps in retaining more customers and understanding the complex concepts in no time. Moreover, videos are 50 times more likely to rank higher on google results, but the result can only be seen if brands use the right video style at the right time. 

Are you familiar with the best type of video that works for your business? Have a look at the types of videos that are effective for marketing. 

Let’s begin.

Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer videos are winning the hearts of every user. 60 to 90 seconds of explainer video can explain the ideas to the viewers, which further inspires them to purchase the offered services/products. For example, if you want to explain some concept over social platforms, then instead of writing a long blog, prefer creating a killer explainer video as it will help you to hook your prospects by understanding the concept easily. 

Whenever you create an explainer video for your business promotion, then make sure it includes a problem statement, solution statement, process, and CTA. This type of video content can be understood immediately and inspires you. 

So, if you are at the primary stages of the buyer’s journey, and looking forward to generating leads and nurturing customers, then explainer videos can act well for you. 

Promo video

If you just aim to increase the traffic to your site and boost brand awareness, then promo videos can help you to achieve the goals.

There are many companies that consider text-based marketing but are not achieving their targets. Are you one of them? If yes, then I would recommend you to share the content pieces in the form of promo or fun videos. 

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This type of video works really well, especially when you want to promote virtual conferences, big events, etc. Thus, whenever you consider creating a promo video, make sure you brainstorm and come up with the idea that actually speaks. 

Behind the scenes videos

Another interesting video style that will help you to develop a strong presence on the internet is behind-the-scenes videos. In this particular video style, the scene related to the creation of the product is showcased that is actually followed to create the final product. 

People nowadays are more concerned about knowing the backend process instead of looking at the final product. So, if you offer them similar content, then the chances of getting them involved in your idea increase.

Thus, you can prefer creating behind-the-scenes videos to distribute good services or products. Always remember, the more invested your audience feels, the easier it becomes to convert them into potential customers. 

Testimonial Video 

The testimonial video style is another type of video that can help you influence the right audience on the right platform. Reviews are the honest opinions of the customers that can change the audience’s mindset and convince the audience to buy the product or avail of the service.

These reviews have the power to leave a positive impact on the audience and build trust. So, why not utilize the video style and win over new customers. 

Reviews shared in the form of testimonial videos will not only engage the audience but also help them understand the value of your brand. Thus, if you want to be indispensable, then start sharing appealing testimonials not only on your social media but also on your website. 

Event Videos

Well! If you are in a corporate world, then you might be attending various events. But just think for a second, are you utilizing the event to the fullest from a marketing perspective?

By bringing the fun of the occasion in front of the audience will not only build your online presence but also increase the chances of converting visitors into leads. 

By posting event videos, you can give a reason to the audience to follow back and check your social activities. Remember, the more people get linked with your brand, the higher the chances to turn them into loyal customers. Getting the inside scoop will surely take your event to the next level. 


Webinars are basically scheduled video workshops that are held both for free and paid. It can be live, recorded or both.

By keeping the current scenario in mind, it would not be wrong to say that companies that are focusing on teaching the prospects are able to convince more people towards their site. 

Webinars are not only interactive but also possess the power to share information in the best possible way. By teaching people about your product/service will help them understand how they can utilize the same product/service for the business. 

So, if you want to promote your product or service on the internet, then you can utilize webinars to the fullest. 

Company culture videos

Last but not least, a video type that can help in promoting products in good quality is company culture video. Once people understand that products come from good places, then it will definitely inspire the customers to add your company to their checklist. 

Company culture videos will also inspire the team members to build a connection with the brand and build brand advocates. In this video, you can showcase messages and be dynamic as per your own requirements. So, start outlining your company culture in the form of videos, as it will definitely help you to create a strong connection with your visitors. 

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The Final Say 

Creating captivating videos is one of the best ways to promote the brand and be dynamic. Sharing the right video style with the right audience will help you drive growth in your business and jump to different channels. 

I hope the list of video styles shared above will help you to engage your audience by deciding the right video style for your brand. So, what are you looking for? 

Start engaging your audience and bring the highest value with video style. Still, if you have any concerns, share in the comments below. 

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