Virto Commerce: Ecommerce Platform Based on Agile Principles

Starting an online store in today’s digital age is quite easy, but choosing the right ecommerce platform is the toughest part. This is mainly because there is no single ‘one-size-fits-all’ e-commerce platform solution that can work for every business.

Though there’re various open source ecommerce platforms offering easy setup, some level of customization, and the inclusion of standard features, but that’s not enough. With the constantly changing consumer behavior, your ecommerce website should have everything to entertain the customers, i.e. mobile friendliness, social media integration, better user experience, SEO, content marketing and customer support etc. are much needed features today. Besides that, when it comes to build a brand, you need to plan for long term goals and choose the right technology for scalable growth.

Taking advantage of ASP.NET open-source platform is the right option for any ecommerce startup that plans to grow faster. Virto Commerce is an ASP.NET open-source shopping cart which you can customize exactly the way you want it to be.

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It’s a highly scalable ecommerce platform that provides powerful enterprise-class features with the flexibility to create your own unique ecommerce solution while utilizing agile principles.

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Some of the prominent features include multiple store management, advanced promotion engines, dynamic content, as well as advanced product and price management.

Whether you are selling physical products or digital goods; with fully customizable platform you can meet all your unique business needs. Virto Commerce supports multiple catalogs, languages, taxes and storefronts. Prices can be personalized in real-time based on audience, campaign, purchase history, geo-location, contracts and other customer-based scenarios.

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In a nutshell, Virto Commerce has just everything you need to build a secure and optimized online store. Try the online demo to get detailed overview of all the features.

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Virto Commerce in Their Own Words:

Virto Commerce is a highly scalable open source ecommerce platform for fast growing and large companies. It provides powerful enterprise-class features right out-of-the-box and gives you the flexibility to create your own unique ecommerce solution while utilizing agile principles.

What Brings Virto Commerce to the Spotlight:

It enables retailers to launch, promote, and manage an online store; design a storefront; configure products; manage, measure, and optimize their business; seamlessly integrate with industry-leading business applications to market their products.

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