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Virtual Fundraising Strategies

In response to rising international health outbreaks and a choice of strategies to overcome them, various fundraisers and non-profit agencies have instituted tactics of cost-effectiveness at a minimum.

Virtual Fundraising Strategies

Virtual meetings, social distancing, frequent hand washing, and sanitation are now the new normal. But not all is lost for nonprofits and charities.

Virtual fundraising activities are one of the best workaround alternatives to in-person social gatherings. Compared to in-person events and fundraising, these approaches are more effective and convenient.

The information provided in this article should assist you if you are considering a fundraising campaign online.  

How To Virtually Fundraise?

Online fundraising campaigns are more efficient and less expensive than traditional offline campaigns. You can target a wider audience with fewer resources. Modern technology, innovation, and creative thinking have enabled nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and funds at a faster pace. 

The inability to leave the house is one of the most challenging aspects of fund-raising activities. Technology has made it easier than ever for your supporters to engage in your campaign through the use of mobile giving, automated receipts, and monthly donations. The latest technology now allows non-profit organizations to raise money for specific campaigns. 

Each campaign is designed to be convenient, easy to manage, confusion-free, and less hassle. However, before you spread the news about your next virtual fundraising event, there are several elements that you need to prepare regardless of what form or shape you are planning to:

  • Functional and compelling website
  • A robust digital donation platform
  • Create a specific landing page for your event or campaign
  • Determine your goal or focus 
  • Include a call-to-action 
  • Includes social proof or testimonials

Creating a highly functioning landing page for your donation requires several important factors—writing a catchy headline, using compelling visual contents, and crystal clear expectations of what your work and vision are about. 

We’ve talked about how testimonials or social proofs can raise your credibility. People will be more inclined to donate if they feel that you’re a trusted organization. 

The Most Effective Strategies When Online Fundraising

With technology, you can easily reach people and spread awareness about your campaign. People are going beyond their limits and expect a change in their programs to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the current global condition. 

Regardless of whether the global crisis is over, the following digital fundraising campaigns will be prevalent. These digital strategies are beneficial to an organization, organizers, and their target audiences. 

Online Auction 

Running a digital auction is one of the most effective campaigns raising funds online. However, you need to prepare a reliable platform where you can place all your bidding items. 

Virtual Gala Dinner 

You don’t need to cancel every event you plan because it’s pandemic or there are limitations on activities and gatherings. Going virtual is the new trend, and it’s an effective way to host a successful gala dinner.

 You can also check with your guest list if they wanted to donate the funds they should be using from purchasing new outfits, gifts, or anything related to the said in-person event. 

Online Concert 

The most effective way to raise money online is by organizing concerts featuring artists who are pro-your cause. Getting everyone together and offering a live show allows your organization to raise enough funds to support the cause. Such a strategy brings people closer together in a positive and fun way. 

Online movie night

One of the easiest and offers a broader audience when it comes to digital fundraising. You can set a specific time for people to watch a particular movie simultaneously. Check for a film that is relevant to your cause. 

Online race/game

There are plenty of activities that can adapt digitally, raising funds online. From dance-a-tons, ride-a-tons, marathons, and walk-a-thons are excellent ways to allow participants to be healthy, active, and participate in the donation process. 

Birthday fundraising event

While they have been around the corner for some time, birthday fundraising events are now attending choices for celebrating special occasions with a good cause. Check with your supporters if they can organize a birthday fundraising program that supports a specific organization. 

Online book club

Encouraging your followers to organize a digital book club relevant to your cause can help you raise funds to support specific organizations or campaigns. Club meetings can be done using a specific online tool for communication. 

Ask for donations; you can check with your followers or participants if they want to donate a specific amount in lieu of the drinks that they ‘might’ have purchased when the event was outside.

Game night

Another easy way to raise money on fundraising for your organization is to plan a game night where people come together to have fun through online games. You can leverage this strategy by reorganizing opponents to improve user experience. 

Virtual workshop or class

Gaining new knowledge or skill nowadays is more accessible thanks to technology. With plenty of digital classes or workshops that offer unique sets of skills for participants, you can take advantage of this campaign to raise funds for your non-profit organization. 

Talks and webinar 

Educating your followers or community to talks or webinars is one of the most effective ways to increase digital presence and raise more funds. This robust fundraising allows you to reach out to your target audience, market, and goal. Ensure that the piece you will be charging will benefit the organization and its mission. 

Email marketing

The potential contribution of green marketing with fundraising must never be underestimated. Email campaigns are conversion-rich and cost-effective digital marketing forms. It’s persuasive, potent, and offers access to your target goal. 

Final Words

A virtual or online fundraising event is the most cost-effective way for nonprofits to raise funds to support their mission or cause. Online fundraising events are a real boon when in-person fundraisers are canceled.

When you have the right strategies and tools, you can hassle-free accept multiple donations from several good samaritans. 


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