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4 Steps to Use Visuals to Growth Hack Your Start-up

If you want to growth hack your startup in 2021, just using written content won’t suffice. We live in a world right now where the quantity and effectiveness of visual content dwarves written content.

4 Steps to Use Visuals to Growth Hack Your Start-up

But creating visual content can seem a challenge for most people these days, especially if you aren’t a designer. This is why to simplify this for you, I’ve shared my top tips to use visuals.

You’ll be able to get the most out of these growth hacking strategies even if you have negligible design experience.

Choose a goal

One of the reasons why 90% of startups fail is because they don’t have a focused goal. Their whole business strategy is focused on multiple goals.

When you have too many goals they end up cannibalizing each other. This is why you should choose one simple goal that matters most to your business. Then set a few more goals that complement, but don’t cannibalize it.

You can then set marketing and visual marketing goals that match it. This way you’ll be certain that if you create the right visuals that focus on reaching those goals, both your marketing strategy and business will succeed.

Figure out what people want to see

You won’t automatically succeed just because you set a goal(s). Your audience will only interact with your visuals and take actions that matter to your bottom line if it attracts and appeases them.

This is why before you share any type of visual content, you should conduct extensive audience research.

First, start with quantitative research such as observing your analytics. You can analyze your website traffic, social media activity, and competitors’ social media activity to see what types of content are performing best.

After that, you can use this data to do some qualitative research with surveys and interviews. You’ll get direct answers from your target audience which can help a lot.

Other types of qualitative research tactics that work are website recordings and heat maps. But you can only do this on your website. It’s not possible to do it on social media.

Create the content

Once you have the data, you can create the content. Here are the different types of visuals that work:


One of the biggest problems with online marketing these days is that trust is at an all-time low. People have been bombarded with a lot of scams and fake news that they don’t know what to trust.

One way to show people that what you’re sharing is legit is by attaching a screenshot. Whenever you share a tip or tell people about something you saw, share a screenshot along with it.

There are so many tools to screenshot on a pc. Make sure the tool you pick to share the screenshot has an image editor with it. As you can add overlays to get the most important bits to stand out.

Quote images

People love quote images, especially if they can relate to them or if they are from people they admire. So, regularly share them.

Use the data from your research to find quotes that your audience wants to see. Then place them on an attractive background image along with the name of the creator and share it.

There are so many online photo editing tools that make this easy. Some even have quotes and templates built-in. You can simply pick a template, search for a quote and add it to the image.


When you did the research, I am certain that you found the most shared blog posts and social media posts to be infographics. People love them as they present data and tips in a digestible manner.

Here again, use the data from your research to find stats and tips that your audience wants to see most. Then assemble them in an infographic.

There are many online infographic makers that simplify this job with their templates and builders.


You can’t leave out videos when discussing visuals. They generate the highest engagement on social media. You can also increase the conversion rates of landing pages.

Also, you can include so much more information in a video than in a still image. This is why put in a ton of effort to create more video content.

This includes both pre-recorded and live videos like webinars and Facebook live.

Videos can seem like a huge challenge at first, but as you go along and practice they get easier. There are also a lot of good video editing tools that simplify this.

Promote the visuals

Visuals attract more attention online, but they won’t automatically generate engagement and sales, just because you put them out there. You need to promote them aggressively to get the most out of them.

So, conduct a lot of outreach to get influencers to share them with their followers. Also, run ads to scale results. They’ll help you reach more people quickly.

If you have an email list, you might also want to share it with your subscribers.


This the step-by-step approach you can use to growth hack your startup with visuals. They’ll help you reach a lot of people.

But to monetize this traffic properly, make sure you combine the visuals with a conversion plan. This could be to get more email subscribers or direct sales.


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