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With the widespread use of the social networking sites there has been a lot of competition between the individuals to get maximum followers, likes and comments on their profiles and shared content, but what to do if you don’t have much fan following and still want to voice your opinions.

In that case, appearing in Google search results page is the best option; but wait, you don’t need to be an SEO or SEM guru to do so, rather try Gospik.

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Gospik is simply a brilliant extension that replaces the ads on the right side of the result page with a communication tool that can be easily used for uploading photo, videos, comments and information, thereby making the search more interactive and responsive.

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In simple words, its transforms the ads into a platform for exchange of information and views. It does not create a new network but use an existing space, i.e. Google search to share the information and start a discussion.

It’s though a good option for individuals looking to voice their opinion, it can also boost sales revenues of a business as well if used rightly!

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Gospik in Their Own Words:

Gospik is a browser extension built for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that replaces the sponsored ads in the right column with a communication tool, where users can post news, information, opinions, photos and videos related to what they are searching on Google. This can make Google search more interactive, helpful and more open. Gospik doesn’t change anything about native Google Search results, not even the paid ads that Google displays. All it does, is add another layer on top of Google that most of us are already using every day.

What Brings Gospik to the Spotlight:

If you don’t have long lists of friends, fans or followers, you can still spread the word to a broader audience for free.

Gospik Website: http://www.gospik.com/

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