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WallSee; the Easiest Way to Identify and Engage Brand Advocates

Imagine if you can get 10, 100 or even 1000 marketing reps to your team for free! All of them writing and talking about your brand with their network; just for recognition and access to insider information in return!

Well, these free marketers are called brand advocates. For a company looking for faster and scalable growth, it’s a must to have brand advocates onboard. So, if you are one such company with rapid growth on plan, do check out WallSee.

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Start today by signing up on their website. You can start recruiting advocates either through landing pages or quick popups on your website. Once recruited, you can create a tracker link for a webpage with a personalized call-to-action and send it out to your advocates encouraging them to share it. The platform collects all the analytics with which you can track and measure the effectiveness of your promotion.

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WallSee comes with more features including Rewards and Gamification. You can reward your advocates for reaching a specified threshold on their sharing activity and can also allow them the opportunity to work towards a collective and individual goal by gamifying your promotion.

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People powered promotion is not just about brand development, but it can help a lot in customer acquisition & retention and revenue optimization.

Do signup to explore complete features in detail!

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WallSee in Their Own Words:

WallSee is a simple but sophisticated platform that allows a brand to recruit advocates, inform them of promotions and empower them to tell the brand story with their network. Brands can do more than just push promotions however; they can also build community through gamifying promotions and by pushing rewards to advocates based on their sharing activity. WallSee is the platform to tell a brand who, how and what is most important to building its brand awareness.


What Brings WallSee to the Spotlight:

A powerful tool for people powered promotions!


WallSee Website:

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