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6 Creative Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

eCommerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. Low overhead costs and the possibility for a great reach from day one make it possible to enter the market without large investments. The pandemic has also accelerated the digitalization of many industries. Many eCommerce businesses often lag behind the larger players in terms of utilizing their opportunities for additional sales.

As the competition in eCommerce is getting fierce nowadays, it’s more important than ever to keep track of how you manage to get more traffic to your site and turn more visitors into paying customers.

Below, we’ll look at some creative ways to boost your eCommerce sales and have a thriving online business.

Boost Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today for eCommerce businesses with more than 4 billion users around the world, whereas 93% of marketers use it to promote and grow their brands.

However, creating a profile isn’t enough; you must think about your strategy and be careful about which channels you choose. Always opt for the ones where your target audience is present. If, for instance, your audience consists of younger people, you should be present on TikTok.

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TikTok is one of the newest social media platforms that has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. But to use it to its full potential, you need to get TikTok followers who are genuinely interested in your brand. Some of the ways to achieve this are by using hashtags, creating high-quality video content, participating in challenges, and even using a TikTok growth tool. Additionally, engaging with your audience and consistently providing valuable content can also boost your TikTok views.

If you’re not advertising your eCommerce business on social media, you’ll miss a big portion of potential customers so make sure you choose your platform wisely and have a solid marketing strategy in place.

Use A Live Chat

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One way to provide quality customer service is by introducing a live chat on your website so you can communicate with your customers in real-time. It takes less of your resources while giving your customers the help they need just when they need it.

Studies have shown that a live chat can increase the conversion rate by up to 45% and that the majority of customers prefer to contact customer service via chat.

Instead of your customers having to wait for an answer via email or telephone, they have direct contact with your staff via chat.

Introduce a Chatbot

Since your potential customers are mostly online, you must engage and connect with them if you want to boost your eCommerce sales.

Your potential customers most likely practice different ways of communicating and prefer different engagement channels. This is why you should provide them with different options. One way is to integrate a chatbot.

Chatbots are computer programs that use text or voice interactions to replicate human conversation. The benefits of chatbots are readily apparent: they save time and money, provide a higher return on investment, and enable you to provide great customer support.

Send Newsletters

Offering your customers relevant news can be an easy way to increase sales. Marketing via newsletters to existing customers is often the most profitable channel for many eCommerce owners. The main reason is that it’s not associated with any cost per click or impression.

The only expenses are the creation of the newsletters and the use of effective email service for distribution and follow-up. The newsletter can also be used for more than just sales. For example, you can use it to nurture customer relationships by reaching out with readable or worthwhile content on the website. Regardless of the purpose, a fundamental factor for efficiency is that as many people as possible on the list open, read and preferably interact with the newsletter.

Drive More Traffic With SEO

The more traffic you get to your eCommerce and the better quality the traffic is, the more you’ll end up selling. The competition to rank high in Google’s search results is getting tougher with each passing day, but with the right strategy, search engine optimization is still one of the highest-performing marketing efforts.

To be able to rank high on Google, it’s required that you create relevant and optimized content, get good links to your site, and that your eCommerce has a good user experience.

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Try SMS Marketing

It’s easy to believe that SMS is an outdated marketing technique, but in fact, new studies show that around 90% of all SMS recipients open a new message in three minutes.

By building a structure for sending SMS to your customers, you can build a more personal contact with them and increase your chances of selling to them in the future.

Final Thought

There are many creative ways to keep your online visitors engaged and maximize your eCommerce profits. By using social media and live chats efficiently, sending newsletters, and driving more traffic with SEO, you can boost your sales and take your eCommerce to the next level.

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